Which book should I do for the KVPY SA stream under 100 rank?

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  • Hi! You can refer to the following books to prepare for KVPY exam:

    PHYSICS- For physics you can go for D C PANDEY’s Master Problem Package.It would be better than H C VERMA as it focuses more on theoretical questions and is more preferred for JEE Mains whereas D C Pandey will be more all inclusive and would be just enough for KVPY.

    MATHEMATICS- For mathematics, you can go for A DASGUPTA . It has quality questions. Another book you can go for is OBJECTIVE MATHEMATICS by Arihant publications. Although there are not much options for mathematics books in the market, aforementioned two books would be the best you can go for. Otherwise try to get a coaching study material . They are a lifesaver. They pretty much have all the important questions compiled .

    BIOLOGY-For biology, any objective book would be good. But my personal advice would be NCERT Fingertips. Again , study material from a good coaching institute will be a better option as they have selected questions which is perfect for your preparation.


    Physical- For physical chemistry study from Narendra Avashthy

    Organic- For organic you can either study from M S Chauhan or Himanshu Pandey. Both are good options.

    Inorganic- NCERT would be sufficient for inorganic chemistry. You don’t have to refer to any other books for the same.

    Hope this was helpful.

    All the best!

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