Which book is better, HC Verma or DC Pandey?

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  • Both of these books are good and offer different types of exposures in physics helping you prepare for your competitive exams.

    H C VERMA - H C VERMA has 2 books in total.

    VOLUME I- It covers topics of class 11th, which include topics like waves, mechanics, motion etc.
    VOLUME II- It covers topics of class 12th like electrostatics and magnetic field etc.

    • One of the plus points of this book is that you might find the examples given in this books pretty relatable. The author is Indian thus the contextual understanding of the reader is good in case of this book.

    • In terms of the theory part, it might not be the the best books in the market , but the quality of questions are really good and would be really helpful for your exams. Bear in mind, if your theory is weak then you should probably follow a book with strong theory section.

    D C PANDEY- In case of D C PANDEY, the whole course of 11th and 12th has been divided into 5 parts,thus 5 books.

    • Again since the author is Indian, the language is contextually easier to understand for Indian students. The theory is explained very well and after every topic you’ll find a basic exercise to do which will help you analyse your progress and understanding of the topic. The exercise comprises of both objective as well as subjective questions . In every chapter you’ll find atleast 70–100 questions of every type. And they come along with solutions and hints at the end of the book.

    You can decide which book you need according to your expectations from a physics book for competitive exams.

    Hope this helped.

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  • HC Verma and DC Pandey are bibles of Physics. Personally, from my experience, HC Verma is a must-do and then comes other books. But it totally depends on your choice.

    Let’s see the comparison:

    HC Verma:

    • This book is known for its level of questions. I can say from personal experience the level of questions from this book are just too good.

    • The examples and exercise questions are relatable to Indian culture.

    • The theory of this book is moderate.

    • Volume 1 covers topics of class 11th

    • Volume 2 covers topics of class 12th

    DC Pandey:

    • It consists of 5 books which carry different books for different topics like Mechanics, Kinetic Theory of Gases, etc.

    • The theory is very well explained and concepts are checked nicely.

    • It covers objective and subjective questions

    • It also includes solutions and hints for questions.

    Hope this helps

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    All the best !!!

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