What is the optimal preparation for the IIT JEE?What is the optimal preparation for the IIT JEE?

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    Well, I can’t say about your coaching. But my friend you not need to worry about your JEE syllabus completion as I am here to provide you the best possible strategy to complete your JEE syllabus in just 3 months without any coaching.

    So, just read till the end so that you can be benefitted well:-

    Task 1 - Interpret the JEE Main Paper Pattern

    If you want to succeed at this first step, you need to understand the right direction. So, I suggest you have a complete review of the JEE Mains 2020 Exam Pattern. Starting preparation without correct knowledge is a severe wastage of time.

    JEE Mains Exam is conducted in two papers –

    Paper 1:

    • Paper 1 is conducted for Engineering Aspirants.

    • 3 Hours’ Time Duration to Solve the Objective Type Questions from Physics, Mathematics & JEE Chemistry.

    • 4 marks awarded for each correct answer and 1 mark is deducted for each wrong attempt.

    • The exam is conducted in Online mode.

    Paper 2:

    • JEE Main Paper 2 is conducted for Architecture Students.

    • 3 Hours’ Time Duration to Solve the questions from Mathematics, Aptitude Test & Drawing Test.

    • Marking Scheme is the same as Paper 1. The only difference is that in Drawing Exam, negative marking will not be applied.

    • The Exam is conducted in offline mode only.

    Task 2: Understand the Topic Wise Weightage

    Well, many of you have deep confusion about the JEE Main 2020 syllabus and chapter wise marking weight. Don’t freak out! you are in the right place.

    JEE Main Exam covers 40 % of the syllabus from the 11th standard and 60 % syllabus from the 12th standard approximately. The topic wise weightage of each subject for JEE Main is given below.


    Task 3: Collect the Best Books for JEE Main Preparation

    You have heard that ‘Books are the best friends of a person’, and it’s true.

    If you cram the right study material for preparation, you reach two steps closer to your aim. Books play a leading role in cracking the Joint Entrance Exam.

    Tip: Make a wise investment of money while buying the right study material for you.

    Purchasing a couple of books does not plaster your success! It depends on your preparation & performance in JEE Main Exam. A list of some of the best books for JEE Mains is given below. Check out!


    • NCERT

    • H. C VERMA for JEE Physics

    • DC PANDEY for class 11th and 12th Physics

    • Pradeep’s fundamental for Physics


    • R. D Sharma

    • Arihant for Algebra and Differential Calculus

    • SL Loney for Trigonometry

    • ML Khanna for IIT Mathematics

    • IA Marron for basic concepts


    • Organic Chemistry-O. P Tandon

    • Inorganic Chemistry-J. D Lee

    • Physical Chemistry-R.C Mukherjee

    Task 4: Week Wise JEE Main Study Plan 2020

    Time to Get in Action! You have gone through the above tasks. Now, before I lay out the JEE Mains 3 Months Study Plan for you, it’s very important to make a daily schedule. It is impossible to crack JEE Mains while you are not aware of your daily schedule.
    1st Month study plan


    2nd Month study plan


    3rd Month study plan


    Task 5: Avoid Distractions

    Preparation for JEE Exams is demanding! Keep all the disturbing elements like mobile phones and gaming console etc. at an arm’s length. Stay away from social networking sites for a few months.

    Tip - For getting relaxed during your break sessions, you can read the newspaper, solve brain-teasing puzzles, watch an educational TV program, etc.

    Task 6: Revisions Must Not be Skipped

    You have heard that Revision is more important than cramming the night before the exam & it’s true. The distributive practice is more important than to revise a single subject in blocks and then move on to the next. Make small notes, mark the important questions, practice diagrams, and learn formulas and their applications. Preparing self-notes is the subtle yet powerful way of revision to memorize everything you have gone through. You have studied an ample of books an entire year but if you do not revise at right time, you might not be able to recall the studied topics in the exam. So, don’t take a single chance to let yourself fail.

    Task 7: Have a Self-Evaluation

    Giving Tests is essential as it helps the students to assess their level of preparation and its extremely helpful to evaluate their performances and encouraging them to do better in the exams. These tests help you in revising the whole syllabus with the feel of the actual exam. Give JEE Mock Tests regularly and keep evaluating your performance at each stage. Chalk out the plan to overcome the weak areas and make strong points stronger.

    Task 8: Keep Smiling and Stay Motivated

    Always have a positive mindset, you need to become an optimistic person to crack any exam in this world. Believe it that whatever you have prepared is more than enough for exams. A positive mindset helps you to retain more and you will be able to score well in exams.

    At last, I would advise you to mark the important dates for the exam, so that you can plan up your studies accordingly.

    Good Luck!

    I hope this helps!

  • The competition a student is exposed to after JEE Mains and Advance, completely transforms his personality, it not only holds the key to you entrance in the most elite group of colleges we have here in India, but also teaches you a thing or two about life. When you prepare for an exam which is immensely competitive, trust me, you never realise the kind of competition you are stepping into, and you never consider someone else is actually working harder than you. Staying up more late hours, waking up much earlier than you, and of course devoting more time attempting more number of questions, you never believe that, for you, your dedication is ultimate, but you can not give yourself a hard time because of that, that kind of competition is not in your hand but what is in your hand is, how you approach your studies and yes there are traits you develop in your personality just by approaching studies right.

    To be honest I don’t really know how my life would have turned out if I had not got through the examination but if I have to isolate my preparation journey I would say “efforts never go to waste”, one can never be too sure of things that are going to happen in their life, even if you think you have everything prepared and devoted every minute of your life chasing something you believe you are sure of there is a possibility of you not getting through, and this is not only true for JEE or any other examination but throughout your life you will find your preparation can never be enough.

    IIT is a great institution where only great minds are accepted and preparing for something as hard as IIT will surely have a considerable effect on your personality.

    Sharp Mind

    JEE mains requires a person to be curious and a person can find reasons for the solution of any question, because you can’t be memorizing topics and hope to get through JEE, you need to think logically apply rules of Physics and Maths to get your answers right and continuous logical thinking will surely change your thinking process and helps your mind getting sharper every day.

    Hard work

    To get consistency throughout your answers one needs to solve number of problems of a same topic which requires a good amount of sitting hours and to get every little detail right every step of every problem asks for the same amount of attention and if a person can put in that much efforts into learning there are things he picks up for being a hard worker.


    To get into an institution for which millions of students are applying, students not only required to know and apply things but they have to be smart thinkers to outrun their competition and that competition teaches a student to fight for his place.

    Frankly my IIT journey was truly fruitful and with time I have realised that I have certain mistakes in my preparation and that did hurt my rank, like for my doubt solving and coaching classes a big amount of time was wasted travelling which is why I believe in the modern ways of education today, education portals like byjus, Unacademy, and Doubtnut are really helping students to get the best tools for study without wasting time on necessities like travelling and all.

    I found the Doubtnut app to be the most helpful with queries, they provide you with the solutions quick with methods easy to understand and always accurate.

    Doubtnut provides assistance on WhatsApp where you can just click a picture of your doubt and upload it on the group and believe me within seconds the video solution is provided by them. You can get their assistance by simply adding yourself on 8400400400.

    I have compared Doubtnut app with other online portals like Byjus or Unacademy and I have always found Doubtnut app much better than any of them, starting from interface, Doubtnut has made sure that user interface is very professional and easy quick links on the app makes it easier for you to search and execute your learning process really easy.

    I hope my answer helped you, really.

  • Preparing for a national level examination like JEE Mains can be a difficult task involving a lot of time and hard work from the candidates end. The first thing to prepare for any competitive exam is to have a good strategy or plan, JEE Mains preparation requires a planned schedule so that all the sections of the examination are covered well. To formulate a proper and successful preparation plan the candidates need to take into account the exam syllabus, pattern, books, practice, mock tests, revision and more. This article includes the best JEE Mains Preparation Tips for all candidates.

    Everything you need to know about JEE Mains 2020 examination :

    • The JEE Mains exam is conducted by National Test Agency twice in a year (January and April).

    • JEE Mains is conducted for admission into engineering colleges like NIT, IIIT and others.

    • The syllabus includes 3 subjects i.e. Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics of class 11 and 12.

    • There are 2 papers of JEE Mains, Paper 1 for engineering aspirants and Paper 2 for students seeking admissions in architecture courses.

    • The duration for the exams is 3 hours and the medium of the exam is in English, Hindi or Gujarati.

    • The maximum marks for Paper 1 is 360 and Paper 2 is 390.

    • The number of questions for Paper 1 are 90 (30 from each subject) and Paper 2 are 83 (Mathematics 30, Aptitude 50 and Drawing 3).

    • For every correct answer 4 marks will be given and for every incorrect answer 1 mark will be deducted.

    The above points will help you to formulate a good preparation plan for JEE Mains. Now what you need to do is to execute your plan properly.

    Important books you can refer to crack the JEE Main 2020 Exam:

    • NCERT for all 3 subjects.

    • Physics: HC Verma, DC Pandey, problems in general physics by Irodov.

    • Mathematics: RD Sharma, RS Aggarwal, objective mathematics by SK Pundhir and ML Khanna.

    • Chemistry: RC Mukherjee, OP Tandon, organic chemistry by Morrison and Boyd, organic chemistry by Solomon.

    • Also try to solve previous year papers of IITJEE, you can start with previous 10 years.

    Here are some of the best JEE Mains Preparation Tips:

    • Know which chapter or subject needs the most preparation.

    • Prepare a timetable accordingly. Divide the months and dedicate them to a particular Chapter or Chapters.

    • Concentrate on the curriculum of the 12th Board exams for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, NCERT books are good for understanding the concepts

    • Get any unclear concepts cleared, JEE Mains tests your basic concepts and how familiar you are with them.

    • Create short notes of important points and formulas for revision

    • Sample papers are the quickest way of determining which subject or which topic requires special attention.

    • Dedicate at least 7 hours a day for JEE Mains Preparation.

    • Don’t let the doubts pile up, try to solve them as soon as possible.

    • Keep giving mock tests to analyze your preparation levels.

    • Keep practicing to increase your accuracy and speed.

    • Ensure you have scheduled revision time in the plan

    • Do not worry about the examination while preparing for it. Keep yourself focused on one thing.

    • Take care of your health by having a proper diet and study breaks, don’t over burden yourself.

    If you don’t go to coaching, you can still crack the examination as long as you are referring the right books and giving offline or online mock test, as said above giving the mock tests will let you know your weaknesses and you will come up with questions and doubts. You can clear these doubts yourself but it will take time which you don’t have so there is another option, you can try online apps and websites to clear them for you, like Doubtnut app which gives you video solutions of your question instantly as well as study material for the exam you are preparing for. So for the best usage of your time you should really try out apps like Doubtnut. I guarantee you it will be worth your time.

    Thus, by taking direction from the tips above and with a consistent effort, you can crack the most prestigious entrance exam of the Nation. It is thus very clear that hard work, sincerity, consistency and smart work is the key to preparing for JEE Main Examination.

    Just Remember, We at Doubtnut are always there to help you 🙂

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