What are the best free study apps for the NEET/AIIMS?

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    You've reached the right place if you're looking for free of cost app that help clear all your doubts that may arise while preparing for NEET/AIIMS.

    Doubtnut is a doubt solving app , where you can send a picture of your doubt and you'll be provided with an answer video instantly. You can download this app from playstore or use our site.

    As I said, this app is free of cost and our experts at doubtnut are always happy to assist you with your preparation at every step.

    You can also read the following information regarding what books you can refer to for NEET/AIIMS exam:

    The following books are the best books you can find for your NEET preperation:


    • All you need to cover for your chemistry syllabus is the NCERT book. Make notes from NCERT for your convenience.

    • Make sure you make short and concise notes using keywords instead of lengthy notes. But in chemistry you also need to practice numericals.

    • So, for numericals, either try to get coaching material which will bring together all types of numericals else you can refer to O P TANDON or M S CHOUHAN, which are very good books in terms of NEET preparations.


    • Now, in case of physics, theoretical questions can be easily cracked with NCERT book but its is not enough to cover even 25 physics questions in the exam.

    • So you can refer to either H C VERMA or D C PANDEY. Preferably go for H C VERMA as the question and topics are more simplified in this book and if you complete HC VERMA, you can cover 40+questions in 40–45 minutes.

    • Don’t forget to practice previous year question papers thoroughly.

    But for AIIMS exam, it’s not the same case ,as AIIMS is tougher than NEET, and it’s not as NCERT centric as NEET is .


    • For Physical Chemistry ,OP Tandon can referred to.

    • For Inorganic chemistry , go for Concise Inorganic chem by J D LEE.

    • For Organic chemistry , Arihant Prakashan is the best book you can go for.

    • Modern's ABC of Chemistry for Class 11 and 12 (Volume 1 and 2) by Dr. S.P. Jauhar is also a very good option.


    • Along with NCERT, Objective Physics for medical entrance exam ( volume 1 and 2 ) by D C PANDEY is a very good option. the numericals as well as theory of this book is very helpful.

    • H C VERMA is also a good book, but don’t go for it if your theory is weak. This book is good for numericals though.

    • AIIMS Explorer by MTG Editorial Board is another good option.

    • Fundamentals of Physics-Halliday, Resnik and Walker is good for learning in depth theory .

    Hope this was helpful.

    All the best!!

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