Which is the best site for aptitude tests?

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  • Aptitude test are a part of most of the competitive exams.
    It is a means of testing a candidate's abilities to perform specific tasks and react to a range of different situations assuming no prior knowledge, as the tests seek to determine innate ability at a particular competency.
    The following are some good sites where you can find good aptitude tests:


    This is a website that offers a variety of learning opportunities. Its verbal and reasoning section has problem sums on Verbal Ability, Logical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and Non Verbal Reasoning. The website also has section for quizzes, logical puzzles, and discussion forums. The website also attempts to prepare students for the interview and group discussion.


    Testpot.com is the place where you can spend hours practicing hundreds of mock tests on the section of reasoning aptitude and making yourself an erudite. And the best part is that it is free of cost. As per the website, they have more than 150 mock tests.


    Freedu.in is especially curated to help the students crack their competing exams. This is the channel which will make the section of reasoning way easier for the students after their practice sessions on this web page. Freedu.in offers more than thousands of the questions in the section of Logical Reasoning and aptitude. This website is totally free of cost


    One of the best sites for students and job seekers, sawaal.com includes a lot of questions that tests both the mathematical and logical abilities of the students. These questions are carefully drafted and are in line with the most common questions that are usually asked in the examinations. The website has interesting questions on logical reasoning which will never make you feel exhausted out of boredom and will force you to use the wits of your mind. The reasoning questions include analytical, verbal and non-verbal reasoning

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