What would be the best app for my board examination 2020?

  • What would be the best app for my board examination 2020?

  • For any student, practice is without any doubt the most important factor or is the biggest tool he has with himself to get him to clear the examination. One thing that comes with more practicing is, more doubts, during my time, my teacher once said there are only two type of students without doubt, one who knows everything, and the other who knows nothing. To crack an exam of national level where every student is looking to give the best they have, one must be ready to give everything he has into preparing for it.

    Things to keep in mind while selecting a website for your doubts.

    Accuracy: The first and foremost feature in any online app has to be the accuracy of their content, in today’s world where online education is not only an option but is a trend, there are now a large number of people feeding students with wrong education and luring students into their scam. Before you make up your mind for any site or app make sure the result you are getting is actually accurate for you, you can see reviews and reputation of the company for the same, discuss you’re the content provided to you with your friends and teachers and then you would be sure if you have the right answer or not and that will surely help you to choose the right platform

    Timely Reply: Imagine yourself studying at your home on a Sunday and you are totally into the zone of studying with total concentration and you know whatever you will do today is surely going to retain in your mind because of the way you have been studying today, and then you have your encounter with one doubt, a doubt you can do nothing about you don’t have access to your teacher and none of your friends can actually help you and you posted your doubt online but do you have your answers in minutes?, the more you wait for your answer, you are getting more distracted with everything and to get through an exam one must know the value of time, so before you set your mind on any site or app make sure how fast you will receive your answer, otherwise you might getting that much distracted that you decide you take a break from it.

    What Other Does The Portal Offers: you can not just depend on your traditional ways to learn and execute things, because JEE is getting more and more competitive every year, for past few years, the way students learn have changed along with the content and methods, nowadays teachers expect students to know things beforehand and which I think have boom the competition in the field. Now when you select any app for your study what else can you get from it to keep you ahead of the competition, make sure to choose a portal that not only helps you with your doubts but can provide you with other services like practice booklets or online lectures to keep you updated and ahead of the competition.

    What Kind Of Mediums Are Used to Explain Your Doubts: Imagine you sent your doubt to the portal you selected and then you get back replies where you can not figure out steps like for example you clicked a photograph of your doubt and uploaded on the doubt portal and in reply they too clicked a picture and sent it to you as your answer, now technically you have the answer to the question you wanted but do you have your concept clear?, NO, you don’t because you still don’t know the application of that particular concept in that questions, therefore it becomes really important to have answer where you are not only explained with the questions but also with the concept.

    NOW, Which portal could be the one which can provide you with all of these services.

    Without any doubt in my mind, I am sure I have the answer to your doubt of choosing a portal and I believe DOUBTNUT is the answer you are looking for, Doubtnut whatsapp service on phone number 8400400400 provides you with the answer which are not only accurate or well explained but super fast too, you just click the picture of your doubt and upload its image on the number and within seconds you receive a video reply in which your answer is being explained. So I believe Doubtnut can be your answer when it comes to learning concepts and clearing doubts.

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