How hard is BITSAT, really?

  • How hard is BITSAT, really?

  • Hi there!

    BITSAT is easier but lengthier than JEE Mains. BITSAT has 150 questions whereas JEE has 90.

    As it’s lengthy , it’s more theory centric for physics and chemistry.Thus NCERT would be sufficient for these.

    And maths problems are easier than JEE Advanced paper.

    So, the following some tips to crack BITSAT .

    Let’s start by setting a tagret to crack BITSAT. You need to score 380+ to BITS Pilani.

    The difficulty level of physics and chemistry goes from easy to moderate. maths is moderately tough.

    Another thing to notice is English and logical reasoning comprises of 75 marks out of 450.

    Now, since the paper is lengthy, the weightage of theory is more than numericals. Therefore it becomes important to go through physics and chemistry NCERT , especially for inorganic and organic .

    For maths , it’s better to refer to books other than NCERT.

    • Arihant BITSAT Book

    • Comprehensive Guide to BITSAT Online Test by Disha Experts.

    • these books are BITSAT centric , so it’ll help you focus on question that are moderately tough .

    • in the last 10 days before the exam, focus toatally on english and logical reasoning. it’s very important score in this section as it might the deciding factor of your rank.

    Practice as many mock tests as possible. It’ll help you increase the speed of answering and to deal with the pressure. Try to cover 60–65 questions in the initial 40–45 minutes. find all the easy questions and do them in this time as it will take the pressure off from the rest of the time.

    For further Details you can check out the following link:

    How To Score 380+ in BITSAT in 1 Month ? | How To Crack BITSAT 2019 ? BITSAT Preparation Tips

  • BITSAT is easier than JEE and much harder than your mindset about it.

    The number of variables in BITSAT is very high:

    • English and Mental ability

    • Time management

    • Speed based questions

    • Theoretical questions

    • High cutoff ( at least 300 marks for Pilani campus)

    But these factors are not something which are hard to tackle.

    Here are some tips to prepare for the BITSAT exam:

    • If you are uncomfortable with English and MAT, solve Arihant. It will give you confidence.

    • Give mock tests. Adjust your time and paper-solving strategy. Give next mock with some better strategy. Analyze again. Repeat till perfect.

    • Memorize the formulae and reactions. Try writing down the formulae and reactions. The less time you take to actually recall the formula, the more your speed will be. Solve similar difficulty level questions with time limit. (Arihant questions should be good.) Mock tests will also help.

    • Read the theoretical parts also. Some important topics: Electrochemistry, Biomolecules, solid state, surface chemistry, d-block.

    • The physics portion is not completely asked from NCERT so I will refer you Concepts of Physics Vol.1 and vol.2 and completely read the theory of all the chapter from it.

    • Give your focus to PCM mostly and atleast practice (E and L) portion.

    If you encounter any doubts while preparing for the BITSAT exam, feel free to use our Doubtnut app, just send us a picture of your doubt through the app and we will provide you with the video solution of your doubt instantly.

    Hope this helps.

    All the best !!!

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