Where do I get chapter-wise solved JEE previous years papers in PDF?

  • Where do I get chapter-wise solved JEE previous years papers in PDF?

  • Doubtnut is now a days on demand for best video lecture across our country. they provide best video lecture of physics,maths,chemistry made by IITian.
    Multiple number of doubt clearing sites/apps for JEE , but it will totally depends on every individual JEE aspirants that from which sites they can understand well, they can clear their concept these all matters.

    If you can understand better from a single site/app then no need to use of multiplesite site. and most important thing is from where u can find yourself better ,comfortable, and u should feel that i can do every thing from this particular sites/apps.

    Kind to be honest nothing is better then SELF STUDY, if you have capability to do study by yourself then of course you can , not can even you can do much more better then any other.Because in this scenario whatever u will study it will be your’s and you will have confident on that particular topics.

    But yeah sometimes sites/apps provide you a better path to solve your query, it will show you destination that how will u reach there. it also helps alot for better understanding.

    So, some best sites/apps are below:

    Doubtnut: Doubtnut App is World’s Biggest Platform for Free Video solution of Math Doubts with over 1 Lakh+ Video Solution of Math Questions. Doubtnut is on-demand Q&Aapp for Math for Students (up to JEE Advanced level) Doubtnut leverages technology to make education accessible for all. It has created an app site which is using for all the jee aspirants and board students that can study better without any coaching institute. It provide well developed all Video lecture made by IITian ofmaths,physics,chemistry of JEE. Let u tell most important is there is whatsapp bot through which u can find solution of any mathematics question related to IITJEE, competitive exams(Railway,banking,SSC etc). figure of Whatsapp bot u can see below.


    We also have a app, link through which , this will directly take you to the app camera page ( in case you have it, or app installation page in case you don't)

    Doubtnut IIT JEE Mains Advanced, NCERT Math Doubts - Check it once.

    Also, about the app.

    Try the Doubtnut app. It’s a doubt clearing app. All you need to do here is take a snap of the question that you have a doubt in and upload it on the app. You will receive a video solution ofyour question within 3 seconds. If the solution of your question is not available, you can ask the experts and they will make the solutions available within 24 hours.

    Unacademy:- It is also a company of educational technology background which is located in banglore. it provide well video lecture of all subject like physics,chemistry,mathematics,economics,biology etc.i saw video lecture of Unacademy but it was like satisfactory . i am not going to evil it but each and every individual have their choice of understanding.but my personally i like Doubtnut app far better then Unacademy.

    BYJU'S is one of the most valuable ed-tech company and the creator of India's most loved school learning app in India. it Launched in 2015, BYJU'S offers highly personalised and effective learning programs for classes 1 - 12 (K-12), and aspirants of competitive exams like JEE, CAT, IAS etc.

    Kaysons Education. it provide good videos on each and every topic in detail but sometimes it is quit confusing. You'll find their method of explaining quite interesting.

    So, overall trust me go for Doubtnut for any query related to study 🙂

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