How did you master mathematics for the JEE Advanced? I am really facing a lot of problems in the JEE mathematics.

  • How did you master mathematics for the JEE Advanced? I am really facing a lot of problems in the JEE mathematics.

  • Mathematics is one of the mind boggling subject but yeah very interesting as well.
    To prepare for maths in JEE you must have a lust for solving problems as much as u can it. JEE mathematics is mainly manipulation which sets it apart from Olympiad mathematics ,as olympiad level of mathematics is quit different from JEE. Math is only subject to score marks as much as you can. but these all will be happen when you practice more and more. this is simple funda with math that if you practice more you will have clear your concept and getting score more,and a vice-varsa.

    To be kind honest JEE Math score will completely depends on how much you have practiced in last couple of years. that's why you can't escape practicing.
    you need to choose the books that will clear your concept from basic level to higher level up to JEE Advance level.

    Shortcuts and option elimination is perhaps the strongest technique to score good in a really short time. Study extreme cases of the options and find out the feasible ones. However NEVER do this in questions having one or more correct answers if u have no clear concept and wrong answers fetch negatives.

    Accuracy is an important factor for all jee aspirants, especially when there are negatives. So be sure to keep your mind calm and religiously perform the calculations and prevent “silly mistakes”.

    Get a good guide from seniors. It might be a good maths teacher,seniors, or a really good book or video lecture both.

    For coordinate geometry be sure to find the most precise method. Remember all the important formulas of conic sections and learn the methods.

    Calculus is really scoringbut the thing is that your concepts must be crystal clear to prevent mistakes, especially in Application of Derivatives.

    Litterly the books , depends on the type of students. if you are an average learner aiming to clear the IIT-JEE with a some good rank or You are an excellent learner and aiming for under 500 rank.

    For Average learners who are actually willing to burn the midnight oil:

    -> NCERT: If you are going to prepare for IITJEE then NCERT is the primary book to initiate and make a basic platform through it.without NCERT you can't get strong base .so first need to solve ncert to be honest and then after clearing basic concept you can move on further books.

    R.D. Sharma (Subjective)After NCERTyou can move on to R.D. SHARMA but don’t waste time solving unnecessary easy problems. You can also left some lengthy proofs which are not need to crack IIT-JEE.

    -> A.Das Gupta: After 2–3 months when you are comfortable with R.D. you can start a parallel book and the perfect one is A. Das Gupta (MCQ and not the subjective one). Try to finish this book as well side by side of your course in +1 and +2. This will give you a lot of different and unique approaches to solve various problems which will be very helpfull to you.

    There is no meaning in starting a new book if you don't revise the previous ones. So keep revising whatever you have covered.

    **-> Arihant Publication :**After the end of +1 you can buy previous year JEE Main and Advanced book by Arihant publication. Don't go for any other publication. Go through the last 20 years question very thoroughly, do not rush through the book.

    Must remember that Keep your mind open in the exam because for getting into IIT the only thing that matters for an average student is presence of mind.

    Special Note: To be honest I was an average student and cracked IIT-JEE using same methads and that’s what I impart to my average students.

    **Doubtnut :**If you have any doubts when solving these math books, take a snap of the problem that you are not able to solve on the Doubtnut app, and you will receive a video solution for the question. There are over 10,00,000 solved questions on this app.


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