How should I prepare maths for JEE (Advanced)?

  • How should I prepare maths for JEE (Advanced)?

  • To be kind honest JEE Math score will completely depends on how much you have practiced in last couple of years. that's why you can't escape practicing.
    you need to choose the books that will clear your concept from basic level to higher level up to JEE Advance level.

    Shortcuts and option elimination is perhaps the strongest technique to score good in a really short time. Study extreme cases of the options and find out the feasible ones. However NEVER do this in questions having one or more correct answers if u have no clear concept and wrong answers fetch negatives.

    Choose the Best JEE Math Books: choose the right books is very important for sure success in any exam. It overcomes your efforts since you don’t need to go through multiple books to understand different Mathematics concepts. Selecting the best books to simplify your learning process and clear your concept from basic to high level also enhances your chances of doing better in the JEE test. We have got a list of good mathematics books for you:


    NCERT Maths Textbooks XI and XII
    Cengage mathematics
    IIT Maths by M.L Khanna


    Algebra(p&c, Theory of Equations, Sequences & Series and Complex Number)
    IIT Maths by M.L Khanna
    High School Mathematics by Hall and Knight
    A Textbook of Algebra by SK Goyal

    Differential Calculus

    Arihant Differential Calculus
    Differential Calculus by A Das Gupta


    Play with Graphs by SK Goyal

    Functions & Graphs for IIT JEE


    Amit M Agarwal
    Plane Trigonometry by S.L. Loney

    Integral Calculus

    Arihant’s A Textbook of Integral Calculus

    Coordinate Geometry

    SK Goyal
    S L Loney

    Solve 3 Math Test Papers Every Day: The one and only way to become an expert in JEE Mathematics paper is possible by practicing the maximum number of mock or previous question papers every day. A minimum of2, 3 sets of Math question papers you have to solved on a daily basis, to get a hang of the exam and question patterns.

    Mathematics Exam Day Tips: During the exam time period Students get all excited to solve all the Math questions one after another. This approach is perfect that u can do all but if you are sure of answering all the questions correctly. However, actually there is not the general scenario, so it’s better to sort the math paper into levels – Easy, Medium and Difficult questions. Always remember either maths ,physics,chemistry Start with the Easy set of questions, then attempt the medium and finally go for the Difficult questions.

    Time Mismanagement: Time management is one of the most important which can impact your JEE score immensely. It’s essential that you solve the maximum number of mathematical problems and it will depends on you that how much u can within 1 hour 20 minutes. let Identifying and solving questions which will be easy questions first, then go for the tougher ones, can help you score higher in the Joint Entrance Exam.

    We, at Doubtnut always up for your help:)

  • Here are some tips
    Concentrate first to complete 11th and 12th NCERT.
    After that you can continue your practice by solving R. S. Agarwal , Arihant , and also if possible try to get practice material from leading test preparation institutions.
    But one thing make sure that whichever book you pick , try to solve each and every problem of it from each and every topic.
    All the best.

    Cheers and Love

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