What should be the strategy to attempt the BITSAT 2019 to get 350+ marks?

  • What should be the strategy to attempt the BITSAT 2019 to get 350+ marks?

  • Well dude,

    Basically, BITSAT exam is not as easy as you think . You just can't take it lightly and need to prepare throughly. Some of the students prepared well even after they don't able to clear exam .

    BITSAT exam is like you should have lot of speed and accuracy. it needs to be having confidence and patience during whole exam to maximize your marks.

    Most of engineering aspirants preparing for BITSAT and JEE simultaneously. It has been observed that while both exams follow the same syllabus, the BITSAT Exam Pattern differ from the JEE’s and so does its marking scheme. While the JEE focuses on conceptual learning, BITSAT Exam Pattern focuses more on speed and accuracy.

    Before going to suggest you preparation strategy let have a look on exam pattern:-

    Subjects No. of questions

    Physics 40

    Chemistry 40

    (a) English Proficiency 15
    (b) Logical Reasoning 10

    Mathematics 45

    Total 150

    1.) BITSAT exam will be held in online mode.

    2.) According to the BITSAT Exam Pattern, the paper will have a total number of 150 questions from all 4 sections.

    3.) physics and Chemistry will have 40 questions each, while English Proficiency and Logical Reasoning will carry 15 and 10 questions respectively.

    4.) The maximum number of questions will be from Mathematics section (45).

    5.) In the BITSAT Exam Pattern 2019, all questions will be objective in nature (MCQs).

    6.) There is no time limit to attempt any section you will manage time according to your choice.

    7.) Each correct answer will be given 3 marks, while for each incorrect response, the candidates will be deducted with a negative marking of -1.

    8.) For unattempted questions, no marks or zero marks will be given.

    9.) If candidates are able to answer all 150 questions within the given 3 hours (without skipping any question), they can attempt an additional 12 questions (four each from Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry only). However, they will not be able to make any changes in the 150 questions they have attempted earlier.
    Candidates must note that the questions in the BITSAT Exam Pattern are randomly selected from a large question bank. Thus, candidates will get different question sets.

    10.) The question paper of the BITSAT Exam Pattern is designed in a manner that an average candidate is able to complete it within the given 3 hours, while a sharp candidate like intelligent will get the opportunity to take extra 12 questions.




    Now come to the point about preparation strategy:-

    1.) MAKE A PROPER SCHEDULE :- It is most important that how strictly you follow your time table that's depend on you. at least make a schedule of 8 hours per day because now you are a dropper and you have only one year to cover whole syllabus. so strictly follow your time table. Divide your time with all subject .give more time on that particular topics which is weak and you did mistake last year.

    2.) STUDY PLAN:- First thing is you should know what exactly we have to learn that's why make proper list of syllabus of all subject(physics,chemistry,mathematics) also see which chapter has more weightage and focus more on that particular topics.because some time candidates study unwanted things which is only a time waisting .as you know you have very less time so need a proper study.

    3.) HAVE GOOD SLEEP:- it does not mean that if you are a dropper then you will continuously doing study. No, you need proper rest that makes your mental strength and u will study with focus . it is most important to have sleep of atleast 6 hours. so must remember during study you need a break as well.

    4.) PREVIOUS YEAR PAPER SOLVE:- after completing every chapter you need to check how much now i learn so solve previous year paper and whatever u do mistake learn from them. solving more and more problems it will help you in accuracy and speed up as well. if you have any doubt during solving problem you can take help from Doubtnut .it provide free video lecture of all subject physics,chemistry,mathematics. so if you have any doubt in maths you just snap shot that problem and send on whatsapp bot and it will provide you solution within 3 sec.

    During exam you must remember few points in mind :-

    First of all attempt maths first. It is the most lengthy part and takes a lot of time, but also, questions are logical and can be solved if enough practice has been done.

    After that you have to attempt logical reasoning and English next. This section does not require much thinking and can be completed quickly with sure marks.
    The next to be attempted is Chemistry. It requires less of thinking and more of what you already know. So it should depend on what you have studied and should be completed quickly.

    The last you have to attempted is physics because it requires high thinking skills and you cannot do it without proper attention. So the best thing to do is to attempt it at last when there is nothing else you are worried about.

    I hope u like it

  • BITSAT is more of a speed test just like the JEE Mains examination.

    The level of BITSAT is a level below the JEE Mains examination and most of the paper consists of 12th topics. Around 65-70 percent of the questions asked are from class 12th syllabus.

    Here are some tips that will help you prepare for getting 350+ marks in the BITSAT exam:

    • Try mock papers (constrained with time). Arihant BITSAT is best book for mock tests and also the CD is good. Go for online mock tests too. Doubtnut is great for that. So keep practicing. That’s the key.

    • Try to memorize Chemistry concepts. This will help you score faster in Chemistry, and give you more time for other subjects.

    • During the exam, try to not leave a question for the end. Even if you are ~50 % sure, guess the answer (or, completely leave it) and move on.

    • In mathematics questions, try to solve the question by looking at the options.
      If you want a score of >370–380, try to solve all the 450 marks questions, and attempt the bonus ones.

    • During the exam try to attempt Chemistry first, try to solve it in half an hour (or less), so that you can comfortably focus on rest of the topics.

    • Try Arihant for English and Logical reasoning preparation.

    • Remember you have to manage both SPEED + ACCURACY.

    Don't let your doubts pile up, get them cleared as soon as possible through our Doubtnut app. You just need to send us a pic of your doubt and we will send you the video solution to your doubt.

    Hope this helps.

    All the best !!!

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