How are the questions asked in the JEE Advanced?

  • How are the questions asked in the JEE Advanced?

  • When we talk about students getting accepted in JEE advance then you would be surprised to know that only a very small percentage of students are able to find their way into IITs, and it is only because of this enormous amount of competition we have now, if the acceptance rate of an institute is that low then obviously the level of question has to be justified, and students often make this perception, that JEE Advance questions are super tough and only very few people are able to understand it, which we can say is true to some extent, but the kind of question that you would find in an Advance paper would not be extremely difficult to do or to execute, but what JEE Advance wants from you is the concept clarity and smart thinking, you would find yourself stuck on a question for minutes, without a clue, how would you approach this question, then once you wuld be clear of the concept of the question you will have your answer in no time.

    The way JEE questions are framed, it is to filter students who can easily able to learn advance applications engineering science , and that is why the kind of questions that are given to the applicants are really conceptual, you would find application of multiple concepts just to solve one question.

    To get into one of the best engineering college you must be ready to prepare like you want to get accepted for the best, you have no control over the kind of questions that will come in the exam or how lengthy would it be but you can definitely control your approach towards the exam, here are some tips which can help you with your study.

    Quality of your study must overweigh the quantity you cant expect yourself to retain concepts in your mind until the exam day if you do not put regular and equal efforts.

    Keep as less distractions as you can, sometimes just because of very little distractions you end up losing your focus, like some sort of TV-show you like, a message tune on your phone make sure whenever you sit to study you have least things to distract you while you study.

    Positive Mindset is one thing you must keep account for while preparing for the JEE you can not afford to take unnecessary pressure, once you puts extra burden on your mind you end up losing your speed which I believe is one of the worst mistake you can do in your preparation.

    Never have ego issues with any chapter, if your mind can not accept some concept make sure to move on to the next one because wasting your time on that getting stuck will only going to make things hard for you, but make sure to come to it some other time.

    Do not get lazy, you must not procrastinate, never leave any chapter you can do today for tomorrow, this is the only way you would find a significant change in your productivity.

    Students are prone to make mistakes, this is why I believe it is very important to make sure that you do not keep your target on some set score card or the exam, but you should rather make books your ultimate target and believe me books and the guidance are the only thing that would help you with your goal, that is why you must set your targets that could get you to your goal, I am suggesting some books below that could actually help you with your JEE exam.

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    And in case you find yourself stuck on some concept you can always visit Doubtnut App or you can use their WhatsApp service on number 8400400400 and get your concepts right

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