Is JEE advanced that difficult?

  • Is JEE advanced that difficult?

  • Every year you can see the difference between the question paper for JEE Mains and JEE Advance, with every year passing there is a hike in the competition and with that hike there are improvements made in the standards of questions, for example,2019 JEE Advance which was conducted by IIT Roorkee, was much difficult than that of 2018 which was conducted by IIT Kanpur, the level of difficulty was quite high. Physics was said to be the toughest one than any other subject and chemistry was easiest one, and most of the questions that were asked were mainly from the 12th standard topics.

    JEE advance is the examination, in which their main focus is to filter students for whom it would be easiest to learn advance application of engineering science, that is why, what they want from applicants is to have ability to think quick and smart and have a good command over concepts.

    • Questions that are asked in JEE Advance are mostly concept based questions there would be very simple calculations but to reach the calculations there is a big struggle.

    • Often questions are multi-conceptual, when ever you look at any questions the first thought process that occurs in your head is, what would be the easiest way to solve this query and often learning the concept applied eats up a big
    amount of your time.

    • Most of the questions are lengthy it takes up around 10-15 minutes to attempt matrices problems and especially physics and Maths problems are really lengthy.

    • This year,the paper consisted of 54 questions (18 questions each in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics) and the maximum marks was 186.
    To be able to achieve this kind of conceptual clarity there are some tips you can use

    • You can Participate AIT series All India Test series organised by different coaching institutes this way you can get the idea of level of competition and you could experience what it would be like to actually sit in the exam.

    • Try listening it is a known fact that when you isten to something with all your concentration your retaining power, you remember things easily when you listen to them.

    • Stay focused your focus is one thing that will take you towards the excellence that is why you must not lose your focus too easily

    • Always make sure to keep a positive mindset, your positive mindset will show your mental strength and believe me when you are preparing for an exam like JEE your mental stability becomes as much important.

    • Design your trick you remember, students often forget things under pressure that is why I believe one must have some sort of trick to remember important formulas and concept

    • Revise regularly, you can not expect yourself to learn things once and then revise them in the end, keep revisiting chapters this way you are not learning chapters again and again you are just looking over them

    You can adopt these habits in your life and can get yourself ahead of competition and if you want to know Must need books for JEE than you can read my another answer

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