How should I study HC VERMA?

  • How should I study HC VERMA?

  • Hi!!
    H.C. Verma is definitely a brilliant book for JEE Mains preparation.
    Now, this book has two volumes.
    VOLUME I- Concepts of physics 1
    VOLUME II- Concepts of physics 2.

    Let's begin with the pointers to keep in mind while solving H.C. Verma:

    1. There are solved examples after theory . I suggest you don't solve those examples yourself, instead go through those solutions to understand the theory better. This in depth knowledge and the applicability of that theory will help you in solving question that you'll find at the end of the chapter.

    2. After finishing each chapter instead of doing workout examples, first do objective questions at the back.
      When you will solve these questions, your theoretical and conceptual understanding can be tested and evaluated.
      You can find the solutions to these questions on the Doubtnut app or site

    3. After making your conceptual base strong you can move onto workout examples.Try to solve it on your own.
      In case you get stuck in any question the try to learn how the question has been approached and what has been used. Don't get demotivated at all because you're just learning and these are pretty good questions in terms of difficulty level.

    4. After that we'll come to the questions of the exercises. Now the thing about questions of H C Verma is that these questions can be solved using more than one method. Make sure you solve them again and again using different methods as there are not many question in the book. You need to fully exhaust the amount of knowledge and practice you can gain from the limited practical questions you are given.

    If you've completed H.C. Verma thoroughly then you've pretty much studied everything for JEE Mains. You can still do previous year question papers and revise thoroughly everyday.

    You can also read my answer on other books you can refer to other than H. C. Verma from the following link:

    Hope my answer helps you.
    All the best!!

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