What was your IIT-JEE preparation story?

  • What was your IIT-JEE preparation story?

  • I have wanting to answer this question for a while .So here it goes below.

    For the very first time when I came to know that there is something in this world called ‘The IITs' I was in my 10 th standard when my father was talking to one of my school's teacher that, “engineering karni hai to iits se hi karni chahie varna aaj kal engineering ka jyada scope nhi hai” ( though now I don't believe in that at all. According to me what matters for pursuing any degree is the interest, and college doesn't matter .Litterly It all depends on how much efforts you put into it) .

    I was totally blown away by that statement. Then I googled that, “How to get into iit?” (the question that all engineers must have googled or asked). The answer to my question was you have to be among top 10,000 students of the country. After reading this I was like “mera to ho hi nhi paega yrr”.


    I started JEE study specifically since class 11th, after completion of class 10th board i went Kota which is far distance from my home town .Actually Kota is also known for hub of coaching institute specially for IITJEE and MEDICAL all these .so i reached their and took admission in best coaching institute of Kota ALLEN.Finally i started preparation from the first day.firstly i made a schedule and tried to follow strictly and did that as well.

    MY coaching timing was from morning shift timing 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM .i seriously studied in class and whatever i had doubt in beginning i had Hesitation to ask in front of whole class but after few days i decided that i will ask whatever queries i have doesn’t matter what all will think . So i started asking question related to my problems then after i feel good to ask and teacher helped me alot .

    After coaching i back to my room then after lunch and rest these all again started my study and whatever teacher had been tought in class i took a look and then further proceed.

    ACTUALLY, i have to much interest in cricket, gossip with friends and some extra curriculam activities but i left these all back.

    i had been deleted my FACEBOOK account, no INSTAGRAM i mean i was not on social media,but i used only TWITTER just because of i wanna know what going around the whole world news etc.also i have interest in this.

    I lost my childhood, i have no any option except study smart. So i did study and every day i realize what topics i have covered how much i have learn and compare from the day before .sometimes i became to hectic to do lot of study .Therefore at that time i called to my mom i feel relax then after talk to her because they always motivated me Inspired me.

    12th board

    After every topics completed i appeared for test and got good marks that also push up me put inside potential.Time going on and there was only one month left for 12th exam. i was became little bit nervous but somehow i controlled on it and fight more for study . finally i appeard for board and it was held awsm.


    FINALLY after one month exam over and there was now IITJEE Infront of me .i revised everything well and appeared for exam . i started practice previous year question and try to speed up time , also how to manage time in exam .finally the day came for which all jee aspirants waiting from 2yrs. it was good question, level of physics was quite critical so some problem created in physics.


    After one month i got result didn’t except some good marks because physics paper was quite tough but after all i got good marks and able take admission in some good college. but through this marks i was not happy .i was expecting around 180 but got 154 out of 360.

    I have now decided to help all JEE aspirants through my blog.

    Hope you will like my story.
    Any suggestions is really welcome:)
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  • Well, to be honest I don’t really know how my life would have turned out if I had not got through the examination but if I have to isolate my preparation journey I would say “efforts never go to waste”, one can never be too sure of things that are going to happen in their life, even if you think you have everything prepared and devoted every minute of your life chasing something you believe you are sure of there is a possibility of you not getting through, and this is not only true for JEE or any other examination but throughout your life you will find your preparation can never be enough.

    IIT is a great institution where only great minds are accepted and preparing for something as hard as IIT will surely have a considerable effect on your personality.

    Sharp Mind

    JEE mains requires a person to be curious and a person can find reasons for the solution of any question, because you can’t be memorizing topics and hope to get through JEE, you need to think logically apply rules of Physics and Maths to get your answers right and continuous logical thinking will surely change your thinking process and helps your mind getting sharper every day.

    Hard work

    To get consistency throughout your answers one needs to solve number of problems of a same topic which requires a good amount of sitting hours and to get every little detail right every step of every problem asks for the same amount of attention and if a person can put in that much efforts into learning there are things he picks up for being a hard worker.


    To get into an institution for which millions of students are applying, students not only required to know and apply things but they have to be smart thinkers to outrun their competition and that competition teaches a student to fight for his place.

    Preparing things in the best way possible getting every concept right shouldn’t leave any room for doubt in your mind but in case you might not able to get through, but you will definitely feel yourself growing and with traits like these in your personality you might fail in JEE but you will succeed in life.

    And yes, I was able to achieve all that but along with it I believe I adopted two qualities which actually helped me to achieve the a dream as big as JEE.

    Consistency: when a student is working on any conceptual difficulties he needs a long sitting period with great focus so the student rectifies his every doubt. A student can not just hope to cope with the competition without being consistent with his preparation.

    Time Management: managing time for different subjects and everything else just so he can practice his work regularly and spare some time to pursue his hobbies, devoting equal quality time managing health, study and leisure activities is also one of many skills an aspirant required to get through the JEE exam.
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  • During my 12th standard:

    That’s when I really got to know what JEE is and what is it like to crack it. (I know was kinda stupid).

    Started off very scared as I had huge pressure from my father that we have to crack it no matter what.

    Started being scared and confused all the time.

    Lost all the interest and became a stupid person.

    Lots of pressure on the exam day as my father was standing outside the exam hall after the end of examination and I knew what he would ask and say.

    Result: Terrible rank of 2.5L

    During my drop year:

    Went to stay away from my parents.

    Wasn't very interested at first but soon realized that I have to study for the sake of getting into any college.

    Studied well and prepared maximum stuffs on my own.

    My father was there again on the date of examination and again the pressure was too high I completed the test and was too scared to say anything as I might get scolded.

    When he went back to Delhi leaving us in hostel I called him and told him that I might not qualify and got a reply as expected.

    He scolded so much that I totally lost myself felt as a failed person and lost all my appetite. Was so empty that couldn’t study anything for 1 month and ended up screwing all the exams.

    Results were: Qualified mains.

    Rank: 1.1L

    During my college first year:

    I just wanted to feel what its like to give JEE without pressure from anyone and to give for yourself.

    Prepared by online resources. Took part in college projects, fests, went on trips, enjoyed whole year and studied well whenever I had time.

    On the day of JEE 2018. Asked one of my college senior to take me to the center. Reached there 15 min before, and all the way I was smiling and making jokes with him. Unlike my father who always took me an hour before and kept on telling me the entire way if I don’t crack it won’t be good for me.

    Gave paper with relaxed mind.

    After paper went on lunch and enjoyed the rest of my day.

    Results came: Mains Qualified

    Rank: 85K

    You see the difference in all the three times! I am sure you did. Now you know how you should do it.

    Love and Cheers!

    Vartika Singh

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