What are the best books for SSC CGL preparation?

  • What are the best books for SSC CGL preparation?

  • Here are some of the best books for SSC CGL preparation:


    • Quicker Maths by M Tyra- only the concepts, not the formulae. Complete it for 2 times thoroughly and marks important questions which you may forget. Revise those questions just before the exam.

    • Fast track Mathematics by Rajesh Verma- for higher mathematics. Learn the concepts for Ncerts and solve the questions from this book. You can opt for a different book too if you find one.

    • Kiran's previous years questions- This book is the most important. Solve every question. Do it twice. Mark important ones and revise before exam.

    • At the same time keep watching YouTube videos on SSC Maths. Practise hard to reduce your calculation time and memorise the tables first by heart. If you can do this, nothing can stop you from getting 90% marks in maths.


    • Objective English by SP Bakshi- Do the first part of this book thoroughly. Solve the practice problems given after each chapter.

    • Kiran’s previous years questions- After clearing your basics from SP Bakshi, attempt as many grammar questions as you can from this book.

    • Vocab- Memorise all the vocab from Kiran’s previous years questions. First finish this, then go for anything else. Do memorise one word substitution. They are really important and a lot of repeated questions come.

    • Keep reading newspapers on a daily basis if you have time. It will increase your vocab as well as improve your ability to deal with Comprehensions.


    • Kiran’s previous years questions- solve this book. If you find any problem in the concept, watch YouTube videos. This book is more than enough for reasoning.

    General Studies

    • I am not the best person to advise you on this subject as I had prepared for UPSC so I did not study anything else. But if I did not study for civils, I would have adopted the following method.

    • Kiran’s previous years question - pick one question. Pick the concept on which the question is asked. Cross check that concept from lucent or any other book. Read it. Pick the second question and do the same.

    • Leave those questions which are really tough to handle or those questions on which you are not able to get any information from any book.

    All the best !!!

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