What is the key to success for a JEE dropper?

  • What is the key to success for a JEE dropper?

  • Let me clear one thing before moving on my point.
    JEE exam is one of the tough exam conducted in India .JEE is like a journey through which not everybody complete in first attempt. So i will suggest you if you became fail in first attempt due to any reason and now wanna drop for a year then i request you no need to be panic or depressed.

    Trust me you can do this time and most important is no need to be kept doubt in mind . because i saw most of aspirants qualify with good rank in 2nd attempt and reached their destination. Also don't confuse like why i was not able to solve that question, or is i am able to clear jee or not these all like stuff should not come in mind. whatever you have done wrong in last year just learn from them and do work hard on that particular mistake. and be totally focus on your goal.

    Now without discussing more i will suggest you how to prepare for JEE :-

    1.) MAKE A PROPER SCHEDULE :- It is most important that how strictly you follow your time table that's depend on you. at least make a schedule of 8 hours per day because now you are a dropper and you have only one year to cover whole syllabus. so strictly follow your time table. Divide your time with all subject .give more time on that particular topics which is weak and you did mistake last year.

    2.) STUDY PLAN:- First thing is you should know what exactly we have to learn that's why make proper list of syllabus of all subject(physics,chemistry,mathematics) also see which chapter has more weightage and focus more on that particular topics.because some time candidates study unwanted things which is only a time waisting .as you know you have very less time so need a proper study.

    3.) HAVE GOOD SLEEP:- it does not mean that if you are a dropper then you will continuously doing study. No, you need proper rest that makes your mental strength and u will study with focus . it is most important to have sleep of atleast 6 hours. so must remember during study you need a break as well.

    4.) PREVIOUS YEAR PAPER SOLVE:- after completing every chapter you need to check how much now i learn so solve previous year paper and whatever u do mistake learn from them. solving more and more problems it will help you in accuracy and speed up as well. if you have any doubt during solving problem you can take help from Doubtnut .it provide free video lecture of all subject physics,chemistry,mathematics. so if you have any doubt in maths you just snap shot that problem and send on whatsapp bot and it will provide you solution within 3 sec.


    5.) PRACTICE,PRACTICE,PRACTICE...... :- if you litterly very serious about JEE then one of the best mantra is practice more. i mean u do practice as u can. this is one of the best mantra.

    Some important books i will prefer you :-








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  • Being a dropper is not always easy you have a lot to prove to a lot of people, but if you are planning to drop a year then I would suggest you that you must make sure that dropping a year is the best decision for you and once you have made this decision make sure you get the result you desire this time.

    The first thing I could say to any dropper is that his approach towards learning things should be like a dropper but his attitude for learning them should be like a fresher. He must not avoid any concept thinking he already knows about it but he should make sure he spends more his time practicing he couldn’t get right the first time and making sure that he gets enough questions daily to keep him as active for the exam.

    For a dropper, I don’t think coaching is necessary but you need a set of exercises number of questions, when you practice such exercises for the JEE level surely you will have doubts, who will help you with those doubts. What I believe is if you are planning to study on your it is fine but you need some sort of way to keep sure that your doubts get cleared and you get enough exercises to practice, for which, I believe Doubtnut app would be really beneficial you can always get enough material online and their WhatsApp assistance number 8400400400 where you can just upload a picture of your doubt and within seconds you will be provided with your answer, this way your doubts get cleared and your speed doesn’t get affected.

    Following are some tips that you might find useful

    • Stay positive:The first and the most important thing any student must keep a positive mindset while preparing for JEE exam, there should be no room for doubt about if you can do it or not, to do so you must be true towards your methods and approach and during preparation JEE you need not have a brilliant mind but you must be ready to devote every minute of your day practicing, follow some of the basic advice with all your heart and there is no doubt that you will find your way into institutes like IIT.

    • Time management: everyone stresses this one particular aspect and that is time management and without any doubt everyone is correct but students mostly confuses time management with separating time for there leisure activities and study time when they should be denoting times for different topics.
      Move past the distractions: when you dream to crack an exam like JEE you can not afford any sort of distraction in your way, and no matter how big or small the distraction is you must make sure you do not lose your focus. One of the biggest reasons for distraction can be peer pressure, students are so much focused on observing what their fellow mates are doing that they lose focus on their study and end getting confused, therefore they must keep belief on their approach and their methods.

    • To Find Quality Exercises: Time management and distractions are surely secondary aspects for a student preparing for JEE, the most important thing for him would be to find good quality content which can actually provide him with questions and exercises those are worth his time, and I would suggest everyone one amazing online portal I came across recently “Doubtnut”, on Doubtnut I found good online lectures, number of practice exercises, they even have sample paper from previous years along with formula sheets which really helps a student with understanding the level of JEE questions.

    Through a consistent execution these three things I am sure you will find yourself much better equipped for your JEE exam.

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