What are the important chapters for the 2020 JEE Main and Advanced?

  • What are the important chapters for the 2020 JEE Main and Advanced?

  • Well,
    To be very honest if i talk about jee aspirants of 2020 then you should know that JEE exam is not as simple as you think . it cover all chapters with weightage . so without thinking more that which chapter is more important and which one is less is just a time waisting. Because syllabus of JEE is very vast and hard as well. that's why a consistent aspirants could do this and handle all burden.

    Therefore, without taking stress need to be focus on study and try to cover whole syllabus that will help you to reach your goal.

    EXAM PATTERN :- Basically ,Jee exam is conducted in two mode which one is online mode and second one is offline mode. there is total 90 questions which is divided into three sections:- physics(30 questions), chemistry(30 questions), Mathematics(30 questions). each question carry 4 marks and every wrong answer deducted 1 marks.

    Anyway without discussing more come to the point i will give you a brief about each individual subject that which one more important and which one less.

    Law's of motions

    Current electricity


    Rotational Motion

    Magnetic effect of current and Magnetism

    Modern physics



    Above mention all the chapters are most important for IIT JEE points of view but i will suggest you read whole syllabus and be prepare for any kind of questions. Because sometime they asked more questions from that topic which quit less important. so there will be happen anything anytime. from optics and current magnetism asked 10% questions last year.


    In chemistry there is multiple sections like physical chemistry,Organic chemistry and Inorganic chemistry. there is all most 30 chapters .so you need to cover whole very carefully because vast syllabus but it is interesting. if you cover NCERT then its enough.


    Cordination compound

    S block


    Chemical kinetics

    P block element

    After completing above mention chapters because these all are important chapters for chemistry . it covers good weightage if you will learn very care fully and with clear concept.
    Apart from them if i talk about inorganic chemistry then move to Redox reaction, atomic structure, biomoleculer, Electrochemistry , Polymer,solid state etc.


    It has also around 30 chapters but most important is that it is more scoring subject if you will practice more and more. so let's talk about important chapters below:-




    Straight line

    conic section


    As we all know that maths is one of the subject that is more scoring if u have well clear concepts. Most important practice,practice,practice and practice.........
    After above mentions topic you have to move on complex number, quadratic equations, limit, height and distance etc.

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    I hope it will clear your doubts.

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