What is a good score in the JEE Mains?

  • What is a good score in the JEE Mains?

  • Well, the more you score the better, obviously! But what is a good JEE Main score, and how can we tell? How do you define it?

    Generally speaking, the score that gets you into the NIT, IIIT, or CFTI of your choice – along with the branch of your preference – is a good JEE Main score.

    The idea of “good” JEE Main score varies from person to person because not everyone wants to get into the same institute. Everyone also has his/her own preference for the stream in which he/she wants to do B.E./B.Tech. And if you are not much concerned with JEE Main score–but you’re taking JEE Main just to qualify for taking JEE Advanced–the definition of a “good” JEE MAIN score might be quite different for you.

    “Good” JEE Main Score if You Just Want to Qualify to Take the JEE Advanced Exam

    To be eligible to take the JEE ADVANCED exam, you need to score more than the cutoff JEE Main marks for that particular year. The cutoff marks depend upon the number of students to be shortlisted to take the JEE Advanced exam and the difficulty level of the question paper. The following trend of the cutoff marks has been observed over the years.


    If you want to pursue your Bachelor’s in a top NIT, IIIT or CFTI, you should obtain a rank less than 15000 to be on the safe side. Although the relationship between ranks and marks depend upon the difficulty of the question paper, you should obtain marks greater than 220 to be on safer side for a rank under 15000.

    If you want to pursue B.E./B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering or Electrical and Electronics Engineering from a top NIT, you need to secure a JEE Main rank under 6000to be on the safe side. These numbers may, however, vary from year to year. If you aim to get admission into a middle to low level IIIT, you must secure a JEE Main rank under 25000.

    If you wish to get admission into one of the middle to lower level NITs, you must secure a rank under 40000 to be on safe side. However, very few NITs may take admission at a rank above 40000 as well. Please note that the numbers mentioned above are for General Category students and may vary from one year to another.

    Watch this video by Doubtnut to know about the minimum NTA score for NIT and IIIT colleges:


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