How can we withdraw our money from JoSAA?

  • How can we withdraw our money from JoSAA?

  • There is a withdrawal option. If you want to withdraw from JOSAA 2019, your fees will definitely be refunded after a deduction of Rs. 1500/- as the procedural fees.

    Seat Withdraw Process works as follows:

    • Students who have already accepted a seat, can withdraw the accepted seat by appearing at the reporting centre before the last round.

    • After choosing the withdraw option, the candidate will not be permitted to participate in further admission rounds.

    • Seat acceptance fee will be refunded to students after deducting Rs.1500/- processing charge.Candidates can not withdraw seats after the announcement of last round seat allocation.

    • To withdraw seats, candidates have to fill their bank account details & upload an image of cancelled cheque (same account) in jpg format and download the withdrawal request letter.

    • The letter should be duly signed by the candidates and their parents and report to the reporting centre.

    You can only withdraw till 6th round.

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