Do I need to pay a seat allotment fee even if I want to slide in the JOSAA 2019?

  • Do I need to pay a seat allotment fee even if I want to slide in the JOSAA 2019?

  • Yes!!

    Slide means you’ve been allotted a seat and you’ve accepted it but you seek for a different course in the same institute in which the previous programme was allotted.

    As you are accepting the current seat, you have to pay the seat acceptance fee.

    Its almost equal to float option except the fact that you will be going for choices related to the same institute. In this case also, you’ll lose the seat previously allotted.

    Incase, you want to know the documents you need to carry to the reporting center, this video by Doubtnut will help you:

  • YES.

    Seat allotment fees do not mean seat acceptance fee, but is SEAT ALLOCATION charges, take it as service charge payable only when JOSAA does its job, ie , allot you a seat.

    In case you get a seat at any round, do the following,

    Download the provisional seat allotment letter from JOSAA itself after logging in.
    Select the reporting Institute and the reporting date, on fee payment button on same JOSAA page. Proceed to next step.
    Select the method of Payment, (SBI MOPS) and take out a print of the payment details, where your payment Reference number is mentioned ( DU………)
    Take a print out of the provisional seat allotment letter.
    Make a check list of all the documents required at the Reporting Centre.
    At reporting centre, select whatever you want to from FLOAT/SLIDE/FREEZE

    FREEZE - You want to go with the college you have been allotted. So you 'FREEZE' the option. If you choose this, you can take admission in the respective college and you won't be eligible for next rounds.

    SLIDE - Suppose you have got the college of your choice, but not the branch, so you can go with this option, as in the subsequent rounds, only the BRANCH can change if applicable, the college would remain the same.

    FLOAT - You are not okay with both the college and the branch you are getting. SO you can go with this option. The choices above the one you are getting will be considered in the subsequent round.

    Check out this video from Doubtnut.

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