What one tip changed your writing forever ?

  • What one tip changed your writing forever ?

  • Writing is an expression.

    You have to be specific in the type of writing you are up to. You can write either formally or informally. You should use a specific set of words and avoid using slangs while writing professionally.

    Coming to the tips to improve your writing skill, this is something I have done:

    Create unique captions for your Instagram posts-

    When you want to improve your writing skills, you have to find means to write. An Instagram caption is the best means where you can show your creativity and also increase your imagination. When you post a picture, never forget to caption it! Your caption should contain new words which can be taken from Google. Just search synonyms for the word you’re searching for and you’ll find a list of relevant options to choose from. This will help you increase your vocabulary bank.

    Read, Read and, Read!

    If you actually want to write well, develop a habit of reading. In a world of budding writers, no one actually wants to read. It is very important to develop your imagination and ideas, nothing better than books can help you. With reading, you should also work on your observation and listening skills too.

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