What are the best life tips for a teenage student ?

  • What are the best life tips for a teenage student ?

  • “In my little experience of life, I have experienced a lot”

    Adolescence is an age of changes. You experience a change in your physical, mental and emotional aspects of life. You suddenly experience your life to be hard and meaningless. Your parents seem to be old and annoying and you tend to hate anyone you sense is going to preach to you.

    But, this is also an age of highest level of energies. You have to start building your career and work towards fulfilling your dreams.

    If you want to know what are the best tips for you, you are in the right place.

    1. Explore:

    You should understand that you are at the highest level of energies at this age, don't waste them. Right now you have your health as well as your mind with you but later when you move into your 30’s your health is bound to take a toll. You will not even realize this, but your body will stop supporting you. If you want to go for sky-diving, mountain climbing, trekking, bungee-jumping, ice-skating or boating, just go! If you want to learn some hobby like music, dance, skating, karate or sports, just do it. Don’t wait for anything.


    2. Use your time

    The time that goes never comes back. Instead of scrolling through memes and other stuff, you can try making them! You should start investing your time in activities you’ve ever fantasized about. Go and write content or make a YouTube channel. You should learn Vedic Maths to improve your Mathematics skills or learn Yoga. Instead of just doing holidays homework in your vacations, you can enroll in various activities like swimming which will give you an edge over others. Don’t procrastinate, just do it!


    3. Take Professional Help

    Teenage is an age of all sorts of emotions. If, at any point in your life, you feel your feelings aren’t going the right way, seek help. There are so many psychologists out there to help you. There is nothing wrong in consulting them in times of need when you feel depressed, sad, fearful or disturbed. Managing studies along with extra-curricular activities/tuition/coaching create pressure and when you start feeling something is wrong with you, don’t shy away from it and accept them.


    4. Accept Yourself AND Trust your Parents

    You must know that you are unique and be proud of it! There is not even a single person like you and hence comparing your results with others is just like judging the ability of a fish by its ability to climb. Accept yourself and your abilities. Have faith in yourself. Even if things aren’t going well now, believe me, they will soon. You should trust your parents because their intentions will never be wrong even if their methodology is. You are bound to make mistakes and failure is inevitable. Just because you failed or barely passed in this exam, doesn’t mean it is the end of the world. Life always goes on and you should move along with it.


    5. Meditate

    Importance of Meditation and Yoga is often overlooked in this fast-paced world. Meditation teaches you to connect with yourself and be in the right state of mind. The best leaders of the world are always seen devoting time to themselves through meditation. Just close your eyes, take 10 breaths and clear your mind and let it flow. Rest yourself and fell the beauty. This should be an integral part of your life and you should devote at-least 11 Minutes of your day to meditate. You will start seeing the result just after 11 minutes.


    6. Be Disciplined

    Life without discipline is like running without a direction. Discipline is a way of life. You should always fix your time for sleeping, waking up, eating, bathing and other such trivial activities of the day. Stay hygienic and be healthy. Always be on time. Look at army/navy/air-force people, they are the most disciplined of the lot and their way of life is always inspiring. You should always remember that discipline is faster than bad-luck and failure. If you want to succeed in your life, be disciplined!


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