As maths has no limit is it enough to practice only the coaching modulus again and again for the JEE Advanced

  • As maths has no limit is it enough to practice only the coaching modulus again and again for the JEE Advanced

  • Always do what’s the best for you.

    But there are some points which I would like to mention from my personal experience:

    1. Focus on Your Concepts

    What separates JEE from CBSE is the fact that JEE tests your concepts from the core. Pick up a topic, read the concepts and understand them by application in the questions.

    2. Try range of questions

    Try different types of questions instead of doing 100 questions of similar type.
    If you want to score good in JEE Adavanced, make sure your grasp over different types of questions is firm so that no matter how the examiner moulds the question, you’re able to attempt it.

    3. Ask Doubts

    Asking doubts is the vital part of the preparation of any exam. You should practice questions and circle even the tiniest of doubt you have. The very next, make sure you clear your doubt. There are several apps like DoubtNut and Unacademy which give you instant answers for your doubts.

    links for the apps are:

    DoubtNut: Mathematics Solutions For CBSE, ICSE, IIT JEE & CENGAGE Preparation || Doubtnut

    You can ask questions for free and get answers within seconds. You can even ask your questions through WhatsApp at 8400 400 400

    1. Unacademy

    Unacademy - India's largest learning platform

    Practicing modulus again and again will give you only a set of questions and after some time you will even start remembering the answers of the questions. Instead of restricting to your modules, enhance your scope. But, practicing your module is very important. Only after doing your module, you should try other stuff. Also, instead of doing all the again and again, you can circle those questions which you found tricky or difficult to do and practice them again next time.

    4. Be Smart

    Don’t assume the fact that if you are solving the same questions again and again and after some time you are easily able to figure out the procedure of the answer, you will top the exam. Form strategies, read internet and figure out the most important stuff to do and then start practicing. Invest just an hour to read the strategies of previous year students.

    All the best 🙂

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