Does the marks of 10th and 12th Class really matter in Life ?

  • Does the marks of 10th and 12th Class really matter in Life ?

  • Why they matter?

    It is not the marks but the preparation, knowledge and strategy that goes behind it. Every topper has some kind of strategy behind topping the exam and it comes after hard work, consistency, practice, experimenting and focus. If not all, every topper has one of the following aspects they follow.

    When you restrict to the Indian system of studies, the system is pretty much messed up. Everyone knows which questions to read in order to get a decent percentage and there are so many tuition centres that spoon-feed their students just before examinations. But, despite that there are so many serious studies who study and they fetch good marks. But the difference is they study and then fetch marks, others study to fetch marks.

    In today’s world, jobs are pick employees on the basis of their talent. But, there are jobs which look at your percentage first and then respect your talent. Coming to post graduation such as MBA, they look for candidates with good grades. Hence, it totally depends on your pursuit. If you want to go for a job that respects your talent, you can focus just on that.

    Why they don’t matter?

    When you score good and get into a college through those marks, marks hardly make a difference. This seems like an irony, but take it literally because it hardly makes a difference how much you scored if you manage to get into a decent college. Due to reservation and quotas, you’ll find a 70 percenter and a 90 percenter in the same college.

    Also, after some time your marks create no difference. No one is going to ask your marks. Any job you apply to, will see your experience first. Also due to a change in trend, people are filtering on the basis of talent. You’ll be surprised to know that a 59% scorer can fetch a job immediately after college if he/she is talented.

    On the concluding note, most of the successful people in the world are college droppers and have been failures in their school life but they had talent in their respective fields. You just have to be better than the best in your field, that’s it. If you want to be successful through conservative system, somehow decent marks are important.

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