Which chapters of 11th maths are related to 12th maths ?

  • Which chapters of 11th maths are related to 12th maths ?

  • Let’s look at the syllabus of Class 11th and 12th first.


    Class 11


    Class 12

    Now note that,

    I. Sets and Functions contains the basics of Relations and Functions.

    Most of the students tend to overlook this chapter in class 11th and face huge problem in 12th. Hence, do this chapter and devote time to it to understand the basic concepts very easily. Otherwise, you have to devote more time in 12th.

    Practice Trigonometry because that will help you in Differentiation and Integration.

    II. Algebra of 11th and 12th is mostly different

    The chapters in Algebra of class 11th are PMI, Complex numbers, P and C, Linear Inequalities, Binomial Theorem and Sequence and series. Whereas in 12th are Matrices and determinants. Though, you might require the basic concepts of linear inequalities in Vectors.

    III. Coordinate Geometry and Calculus is very Important

    Chapters- Straight lines and Introduction to 3d form basis of Vectors and 3D.

    Chapter- Limit and Derivatives is important for the Calculus of 12th and you should know that a major portion of 12th syllabus is from Calculus. So be diligent and practice it.

    IV. Probability

    Both the chapters are interlinked so probability should also be practiced nicely in 11th.

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