Why should we read books ?

  • Why should we read books ?

  • In a world of tons of budding writers, no one actually wants to read. Because reading and gaining knowledge is a slow and gradual process. Watching movies may help you know the stories but the experience of reading is incomparable. Reading a newspaper daily and noting down some words in your phone’s notepad will also help you increase your vocabulary. A good writer has to be a good reader. Inculcating the habit of reading in our day to lives is very crucial and should be encouraged since our childhood. This habit not only improves our writing skills but also our imagination. Instead of scrolling through memes, one can follow some nice pages to replace this information with something substantial.

  • I firmly believe everyone should read books because

    • It provides an insight into the unknown: There is so much that has already happened before we came into this world. There is so much that is unknown like how this world was made, how our ancestors actually lived, history of our country and others etc.,. I feel so sad to see people arguing on any topic with the vague knowledge they get through messages circulating on Facebook and Whatsapp. So, if you are someone who are keen to know the truth or facts about anything, there is only one authentic source-books.

    • You gain Knowledge: A lot of people argue with me how fictional books add knowledge to your life, after all they are the work of fiction. To which i will say, fictional books might not give you an additional knowledge, but they definitely provide a different perspective. For eg. Melhua series by Amish (a totally different perspective about Shiva), Asura by Anand Neelkanthan etc.. Read some motivational books and they will help you grow mentally. And if you don’t like fiction at all, go for non-fiction. There are so many books. Know about the history of our country (India after Gandhi). So, you see there is a book on everything, it is up to you to choose the right one.

    • It improves your language, vocabulary and grammar: If you are someone who wants to strengthen your grammar, there is no better way to improve that. Be it in Hindi or English or any other language, if you read books, it will undoubtedly improve your vocabulary and hold on the language.

    • Provides a different Perspective: As discussed in point 2, books provides you with a different perspective. For eg..we all have grown up listening to Ramayana form the point of Ram but have you ever thought, what is the version or Raavana or Sita or Urmila or Shatrughan? Some of you might have thought but most of us never really thought about the other versions. And it is so fascinating to read other versions.

    • You get to know beyond your academics: Most of us know only what we were taught in schools and colleges. Actually to be honest we just mug it up to score good grades. If you look into the history of successful people, you’d find most of them were readers. Reading was a vital part of their lives. They taught them something beyond academics and hence they excelled.

    • Books help you explore your emotions: I have observed this that people who read know their emotions better and hence are emotionally strong. Some books take you so deep within yourself that after reading them you end up knowing yourself better. For eg. Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom, Norwegian Woods by Murakami, Prem Kabootar by Manav Kaul changed me in a way that I can’t really explain.

    Hope this helps

    All the best !!!

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