Which books should I refer to for class 12th board examinations ?

  • Which books should I refer to for class 12th board examinations ?

  • In Mathematics:

    R D Sharma and R S Agarwal are two most important books but How to use them to score 100 is most important. Rather Than Going For So Many Different Books What I suggest You To First Focus on only NCERT. 80-85% questions are directly based on previous year board papers. After that solved NCERT Exemplar and Previous year state board or cbse board paper for maths. If you do that completly I am sure you can easily score 95 marks in maths. But Some questions little bit different from ncert, such question are the difference maker whether you score 95-97 or 100. R D sharma and R S aggarwal provides such type of question in their Books. Thats IF You Solve All Solved example Of RD SHARMA or RS AGGARWAL you will Surely score 100 Marks.

    Refer to the link below:


  • First, you should start with the NCERT of all the subjects, read it line by line and solve all the questions in the NCERT book. After that when you feel confident, you can move on to the reference books like:


    • RD Sharma

    • RS Agarwal

    • NCERT Exemplar

    • Previous year papers

    • Sample papers


    • Concepts of Physics (Volume-1 and Volume-2) by H C Verma

    • S.L Arora

    • BM Sharma

    • DC Pandey

    • Previous year papers

    • Sample papers


    • OP Tandon

    • P. Bhahadur

    • Arihant

    • Previous year papers

    • Sample papers


    • Objective Biology by Pradeep

    • Objective Biology by Dinesh

    • B.P Pandey

    • Pradeep’s – A textbook for biology

    • Previous year papers

    • Sample papers

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