What is the best advice you can give to someone attending their first year at a university ?

  • What is the best advice you can give to someone attending their first year at a university ?

  • The first year of college is like entering an ocean from a pond. You will meet a range of people and teachers will not check your nails. The environment that college provides will be very different from school and you will feel the vibe of “freedom”.

    Here are a few tips I would like to give you:

    1. Get out of your comfort zone

    If you feel shy talking to people, coming on the stage or dancing, just do it. Do everything you haven’t done before no matter how weird it is. If you always wondered about doing stand-up comedy, you should give it a try. Sometimes, we underestimate ourselves and unless we try it we won’t know how good or bad we are at it. This is the only time no one is going to judge you and this time is never returning back.

    2. Socialize

    11th and 12th are consumed in studies. Now, you will find so many people from different walks of life with a variety of experiences to share searching for you. Just like you, they are also searching for friends. Everyone is here to make friends so just go and talk to them. Don’t bother if they are senior to you, just go.

    3. Get into a society

    There are so many societies or clubs in every college. Match your interests and give audition for the society you like. Even if you feel you aren’t worth it, just go and give the audition. This is the time when you can learn something new and nothing better than a society can teach you that!

    4. Interact with your seniors

    Ragging is banned nowadays. If anyone tries that, you can get them in jail. Now, the times are different and seniors are very welcoming. They know more than you do, so go and interact with them. You’ll be surprised to know how much knowledge you can extract from them.

    5. Enjoy

    Needless to mention, enjoy your life as much as you can. Do what your heart says because when at college, the sky is the limit.



    Watch this video to get a detailed idea of it.

  • Although a lot has been said already and I really liked the way Kavya Arora wrote her answer. Still I would like to add some more points while others might seem redundant.

    • The first thing in your list should be make new friends. The best part of college life is the friends and memories you make with them which you will cherish all your life. Never hesitate to talk to people. Maybe you are an introvert, but this is the time to change for better and get out and interact with people.

    • Never bunk classes! Classes are the place where you will meet people and learn too. Make sure you are attentive throughout because that is what makes learning fun. Have discussions about the topics of your interest with the professors, TAs or even fellow classmates. Who knows if that discussion leads to a great idea?

    • Never sideline your studies whatever be the reason. You should remember that it is what you have come here for. Your CGPA might become an identity for others sometimes because some people might look upon you when you have a good CGPA.

    • Explore and take part in recreational activities. Try your hand in almost every available field because remember first year is the only time you can try out new things. Later in your college life it is preferred that you stick to your interests.

    • Be well informed about what is going on in the university and what sort of activities you could engage yourself in. Attending events and lectures would not only make you more knowledgeable but you would also meet people of similar interests.

    • Try to improve your soft skills. This might seem irrelevant now but you might realize the importance of it later in your college life.

    • It is not important if you do not know what you have to do with your life in the long-term but be clear what you want to achieve in the short-term at least and make sure you work towards them. For example, a place in the football team, a perfect GPA, etc.

    Finally remember, you should do something only because you enjoy it and not because others want you to do it. Never work because you want to make a good resume, it will not do any good. I will quote a dialogue from a Bollywood movie, “Never run behind success, just give in your 100% and you will surely succeed”.

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