How do I score good marks in exams ?

  • How do I score good marks in exams ?

  • 1. Make a strategy that works for you

    Each individual is different and so are you. Plan your work before doing it. You should consider your strengths and check where you stand, consider the amount of time you have for you have before your exam and syllabus that you have to complete.

    Let’s say your pace of learning is slow and you have 1 day for the preparation and 8 chapters are coming. How will you go about it?

    If I was in that situation, I would see the blueprint of the exam and check the chapters which I can cover easily first on the basis of my prior knowledge. Then I would make a plan as to how much time should I devote for each chapter and then for revision.

    This is one example. You can form strategies that are helpful for you. You can listen to music, make flowcharts, write keywords, use pictures or keep a timer. Just find what suits you and do it.

    2. All work and No Play makes Jack a dull boy

    This is very true. You should take regular intervals where you can stroll in a park, go for a scooter ride, ride a bike, play hide and seek, do yoga or meditation or go for music lessons. If you work for an entire day without taking breaks, your productivity levels will steeply decrease.

    3. Focus on knowledge

    Instead of thinking about the marks, focus on the concepts. When you have time, use it and build up your knowledge base. Instead of rote learning, understand things and apply them in your exams.

    4. Teach what you learn

    This is the best way to enhance and remember your concepts. There are various benefits of teaching. It is the best way to know what you don’t know because when you teach others, you try your best to make them understand. In the whole process, you tend to know where you lag.


    Thank you and I hope these tips help you. 🙂

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