How should I start my preparation for Technothlon 2019 ?

  • How should I start my preparation for Technothlon 2019 ?

  • Technothlon is an annual international school championship for classes 9th to 12th conducted and organized by the student fraternity of IIT Guwahati. It consists of prelims and mains. Prelim is a written exam based on which teams are selected for the mains held at IIT Guwahati in which various events are held and prizes are given to the top three teams.

    No pre-requisite knowledge on definite topics in science or elsewhere is required.

    Technothlon is an exam filled with intriguing questions that test your logical thinking and presence of mind. If you think your analytical abilities are sharp and your logic is clear, then just sit for the exam and you are sure to crack it!

    An edition of monthly quizzes called “Technopedia” which is almost like the questions, you would see in Prelims. Also, there are weekly quiz questions called “Techno coup d'oeil” which is released weekly on the official Technothlon page on Facebook (link given below), which gives you a feel about how the questions will be in prelims!

    Technothlon | IIT Guwahati


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