What are some tips for high school ?

  • What are some tips for high school ?

  • A high school is a place which provides you multifarious opportunities and experiences which you haven’t experienced before. Don’t miss these opportunities just because of academic pressure. Always try to manage things instead of quitting them. But, distractions are different. They engulf a significant amount of your time which you could’ve used judiciously. It is better to avoid distractions like social media, web series, etc. You can fix a limit on them instead of totally refraining from its use.

    Peer pressure becomes very harmful sometimes. A lot of times, students develop drinking or smoking habits and other addictions which take a toll on your health as well as lifestyle. Be aware of such people and be brave and leave them.


    You should accept the fact that no one stays with you forever. People will enter your life and leave it. The high school will give you an opportunity to meet new people. Be friends with them, you might match up with their frequencies but later if you find them intoxicating, don’t hold on to them. Leave them, it will be hard, very hard, but hard decisions are important sometimes.

    Know your goal and start acting to achieve it. You could be unsure of the career path but don’t give up and keep searching for it. You will reach the destination through your discipline and dedication.

    I am always there if you need any personal advice too 🙂

    Best of luck…

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