Im starting High School in a few days Any tips ?

  • Im starting High School in a few days Any tips ?

  • Opportunities

    A high school is a place which provides you multifarious opportunities and experience which you haven’t experienced before. Don’t miss these opportunities just because of academic pressure.

    Manage your Time

    Always try to manage things instead of quitting them. But, distractions are different. They engulf a significant amount of your time which you could’ve used judiciously. It is better to avoid distractions like social media, web series, etc. You can fix a limit on them instead of totally refraining from its use.


    Peer Pressure

    Peer pressure becomes very harmful sometimes. A lot of times, students develop drinking or smoking habits and other addictions that can snatch your energies and leave you hollow. Be aware and don’t flow away with the wind.


    Develop your Inner Strength

    You are at an age where things affect you the most. Therefore, you have to search for measures to sort things out. Do meditation or yoga that will build your concentration levels and inner strength. Listen to podcasts and motivational videos which will strengthen you from inside.


    Be aware of your surroundings

    Love yourself and know the importance of leaving intoxicating people. You should know and be aware of your surroundings. If you find your closest friend intoxicating you and disturbing your stability of mind, maintain a distance from them. It will be tough initially, but you will feel relaxed when you do it.


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