What are the best reference books for class 9 cbse ?

  • What are the best reference books for class 9 cbse ?

  • I was a 90/90 scorer in Class 9. Being average in Maths and yet scoring a 100% was like a dream come true.

    Here is a list of things that helped me to the core:

    1. Practice all the questions in RS Aggarwal

    RS. Aggarwal is the best book for class 9. It contains a wide variety of questions with good quality answers. The syllabus in Class 9 mostly contains proof questions which require regular practice and patience. If you solve your RS. Aggarwal book along with the assignments given by your teacher, you are bound to score excellent marks in your exam.


    The theory given in RS Aggarwal is in pointers which are easy to read, unlike RD Sharma where theory is huge and written in paragraphs.

    But never forget to solve NCERT questions because NCERT is the base of the subject. It is also like a summary or revision practice that is necessary for a student.

    2. Solve your doubts


    Regularly asking your doubts and ensuring you understand the concepts is very important. Ask your questions from your teachers even if you feel they are busy or your doubt is really silly.

    Apart from your teacher, you can go for the Doubtnut app, as I did, which is the best doubt-clearing app ever. This is available for free(in many languages) and for the first time in India, you can ask your question via Whatsapp directly on the number:

    8400 400 400



    You will get personalized video solutions.

    3. Do your homework

    Always do your homework because it helps you to stay in touch with the syllabus and prepare for the exams simultaneously. Without procrastinating, do your homework regularly.

    Thank you πŸ™‚

  • The syllabus of class 9th is not that hard, if you pay attention to what is being taught in the class. The main book should be the NCERT from where you can read all the chapters and clear all of your concepts and then you can refer to other books for practice.

    Here are some of the best reference books for class 9th CBSE:

    Physics :β€”

    • S.Chand Physics,

    • GRB Publication's Physics,

    • Selina Publication's Concise Physics (ICSE)’

    • Foundation Science Physics by HC VERMA, or

    • Pradeep's Physics


    • S.Chand Chemistry,

    • GRB publication's Chemistry,

    • Selina publication's Concise Chemistry (ICSE), or

    • Foundation Science Chemistry by AK SINGH.


    • S. Chand Biology (it's more than enough),

    • GRB publication's Biology,


    • RD Sharma (best)

    • Or, you can also use RS Aggarwal's Mathematics book by BhartiBhavan Publications.

    Social Sciences

    • NCERT BOOKS are enough

    • For questions your can buy β€˜ALL IN ONE' by Arihant.

    When you are reading these books and come across a doubt, feel free to use our Doubtnut app. You just need to send us a picture of your doubt through the app and we will provide you with the video solution of your doubt within seconds.

    Hope this helps.

    Good Luck !!

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