What do you love most about math ?

  • What do you love most about math ?

  • Maths is the language of Physics.

    Mathematics is the most fascinating subject. Most of us may be afraid of solving the problems of Maths but believe me, once you can, you fall in love with it.

    A lot of Theoretical Physicists say that what can be proved by maths, it actually the truth. This may seem a very general statement.

    Let me take an example:

    Let us suppose after solving a quadratic equation, you get two masses, m1=4kg and m2=-2kg. You will delete the latter because mass cannot be negative.

    But, let’s consider the fact that Maths can never be wrong and there are endless things unproved in the universe. Can we say a negative mass exists?

    Let’s take another example:

    We all know when someone goes to space at a good fractional speed of light, the time decreases and hence their age decreases too. This can be proved by the simple formula: v=s/t where speed is inversely proportional to time. Now, Does that mean Time travel is possible?

    Mathematics is so fascinating because it develops some unanswered questions of the universe.

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