Which one is better book for Physics for IIT JEE Cengage Learning Physics by BM Sharma or Arihant DC Pandey ?

  • Which one is better book for Physics for IIT JEE Cengage Learning Physics by BM Sharma or Arihant DC Pandey ?

  • Just like you, every book is unique. There are separate books for separate exams.

    For example, You are preparing for boards and study from HC Verma. This will be a major blunder because HC Verma contains less theory and more numericals. On the other hand, if you are studying for JEE Mains from Pradeep, it will not be fruitful because Pradeep does not contain high-level practice questions.

    Coming to Physics, watch this video to know the comparision between books:


  • Both of the books are good for physics but both of them serve different purposes. I am going to give you some details about these two and some other good physics books and then you can decide for yourself which one is better for your purpose.

    • Physics NCERT books of class 11th and 12th. The language of NCERT books is simple and easy to understand, this will help you in understanding the concepts of physics and create a strong base for your preparation.

    • HC Verma Concepts of Physics 1. The theory in this book is written in a short and comprehensive way which will help you in creating short notes for memorizing and revision. It also contains a lot of MCQ problems which are conceptual and not that difficult.

    • DC Pandey Understanding Physics JEE Main and Advanced 14th edition. The book is lengthy but contains a lot of examples, graded exercises and problems. It covers both objective and subjective questions and also contains solutions and hints for questions.

    • Resnick Halliday. People call this book the Bible of physics. Its theory portion is better than any books. The language of this book is tricky but if you want to learn physics deeply and have time, this is the best book for you.

    • Cengage Physics for JEE Advanced by BM Sharma. This book is a jack of all trades because it contains JEE problems from HC Verma, DC Pandey, Irodov, Resnick Halliday and many more. It contains a large variety of well selected problems (more than 2600 problems). But it does not contain solutions to the problems.

    • IE Irodov Problems in General Physics. This book is recommended all around the world for International Olympiad preparation and contains advanced level problems with a large variety. If you have understood all the concepts and want to move on to some difficult questions then you should refer to this book.

    • Pathfinder for Olympiad and JEE Advanced Physics by Arvind Tiwari and Sachin Singh. This book contains very difficult problems and is even harder than IE Irodov. It challenges your knowledge in physics and your problem solving skills. You can refer to this book if you are confident in your knowledge and preparation level.

    If you come across any doubts while studying physics feel free to use our Doubtnut app. You just need to send a picture of your doubt and we will provide you with the video solution of your doubt instantly.

    Hope this helps.

    All the best !!!

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