How can I study 10+ hours a day ?

  • How can I study 10+ hours a day ?

  • Introspect before taking a step.

    Ask yourself, Why do you want to study for 10+ hours a day when you can actually study for 6 hours and get the same productivity?

    You should not follow any other person’s advice and get laid. Do what works for you.

    Here are some tips for you:

    1. Make a strategy

    You should make a work schedule before sleep. This will help you to analyze your tasks a day before which will help you use time effectively. Make a to-do list in your notepad with roughly arranging them according to the time needed for completing.

    According to your comfort, make your time-table which should also include some breaks and walks.

    2. Do you actually have 10 hours left?

    Check if you actually have 10 hours apart from your coaching, school and grooming activities. You should know that you cannot delete such activities from your life, so check how many hours you have and plan accordingly.

    3. Weekends and Vacations

    Completing your goal requires strategy, not hard work. So, instead of working your ass off on weekdays, divide it for weekends. If you get a long break, take some time out, enjoy it. But, devote a maximum of it in your priority tasks.

    4. Stay away from Distractions

    We tend to waste maximum time in non-required activities. Our time, as well as energy, gets wasted and then we complain of lack of time. Make sure, this is not the case with you.

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