Which is tougher to crack the IIT JEE or the NEET ?

  • Which is tougher to crack the IIT JEE or the NEET ?

  • I will divide my answer in 2 parts:

    1. Level of the exams
    The questions asked in NEET are by CBSE whereas the questions asked in JEE are made by IIT professors. Students have to be well versed with the concepts in depth because JEE tests a student's ability at its best and no one can fool them.

    But, why not?

    NEET is an exam for medical aspirants whereas JEE for engineering students. Their fields are totally different hence is the level of the exam. A doctor doesn't need to know the in-depth concepts of Physics as much as an engineer does. This is the reason why engineers don't study Bio.

    2. The competition

    In JEE, 14 lakhs students appeared in the exam and approximately 40,000 students got colleges as per their ranks. Whereas in NEET, 6,00,000 students appeared in this exam and and only 5000 students got admissions.

    The competition in NEET is tough.

    Overall the level of the exams cannot be compared because there is Biology for them and Maths for us. Their fields are very different and so is the level of exams.

    If physics and chemistry is to be compared, NEET is easier than JEE Advanced and no one can deny that.

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