Which Indian sectors have more jobs for an IIT JEE pass out ?

  • Which Indian sectors have more jobs for an IIT JEE pass out ?

  • IIT is considered as the premier institution when it comes to education and topnotch companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Samsung, Uber, Honeywell, and Microsoft come running after to provide jobs to their students.

    Various organizations provide offers in various profiles.

    Let’s look at an example of IIT Bombay:




    According to HindustanBusinessline, IIT-Madras has so far reported a total of 680 offers, while students of IIT-Roorkee and IIT-Delhi got 569 and 500 offer,s respectively. Students of IIT-Hyderabad got 133 offers, including 17 international placements, so far. Intel gave the maximum number of domestic offers to students in IIT-Delhi, while in IIT-Madras it was Microsoft, Intel, and Micron that came up with the most number of Indian offers. Other major companies that came to the IIT-Madras campus are Google, Apple, Airbus, and McKinsey.

    There has been a shift in the preferences of the choices by the students. Of course, many students still prefer consulting, finance and software engineering roles over others. But the division of sectors offering roles at IIT campuses surely looks different than previous years.

    IIT Graduates are not only looking for similar/cliche jobs, but they also have a different plan in their minds.

    • The core engineering roles may be still favorite for them but the interests are inclining towards Software development, analytics, and machine learning.

    • Management sectors seem appealing but they don’t employ the majority of the applicants because of the technical backgrounds.

    • Startups. Students are inclining towards self-employment and the focus on startups has gradually increased. They prefer to go for a startup than usual 9 to 5 jobs.

    • Education and research.

    • The number of students going for a job at a PSU is also rising gradually. Major PSUs returned to IITs for placements this year after a 2-year ban. Indian Oil Corporation’s R&D Centre, Solar Energy Corporation of India, and Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) have made offers in IIT-Delhi.

    “This time companies such as Microsoft, which used to hire only for software engineering jobs, are also offering roles in data science, data analytics, artificial intelligence, etc, as there is growing scope in these areas,” said Manu Santhanam, Advisor (Placements), IIT-Madras.

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