How can I score good marks in board exams ?

  • How can I score good marks in board exams ?

  • 1. Don’t blindly copy toppers

    You should have faith in yourself. When you listen to interviews, you will find different views of different toppers. Don’t follow them blindly. Learn to filter.

    2. Number of hours

    Study as many hours as you want to. Start by your capabilities, and start increasing your sitting slowly and gradually. When toppers say they study for 16 hours, that may not be the truth for every day. Take breaks in between you sittings.

    3. Biological Clock

    You should study in the day or night according to you. But, before exams, set your biological clock and start waking up early in the morning at least 2 weeks before the exams.

    4. Sleep

    Get sufficient sleep to absorb what you learnt throughout the day. But don’t exceed 8 hrs. If you think you can manage by 4 hrs sleep, that’s up to you, but from 7 days you can get good sleep for 3 days and work up for the rest.

    5. Health is wealth

    Eat fruits and drink water/lemonade/juices. Also, eat in a sufficient amount and don’t exceed because eating more makes us lazy and this will make you sleep more. You should exercise every day for 20–30 mins to stay active and strong.

    6. Make a Timetable

    You should make a timetable and have a goal in your mind. You should make a goal and picture that in your mind.

    7. Stay away from Distractions

  • You can easily score good marks in board exams , if you pay attention to your class curriculum and keep practicing regularly.

    Here are some more tips that will help you in scoring good marks in board exams:

    • Make a study plan- Form a plan that works for you. You should have the syllabus in mind, the time needed to practice it and revision note ready.

    • Set a timer and practice question papers- A lot of questions get repeated as it is in the examinations. So, practicing Question papers will give you a fair idea of how to attempt the questions and what type of questions will be asked in the exams. You should make a habit of sitting on the desk at the same time as that of the real paper to train your mind. Set a timer and practice the paper in the given time.

    • Ask Questions- Ask as many questions as you can from your teacher or apps like Doubtnut to clear your concepts well.

    • Take Breaks and Eat Fruits- Take breaks at regular intervals and have healthy food to stay fit and mentally fresh. Avoid caffeine related stuff or junk food.

    • Quiz yourself- Make an assignment and practice questions. Make small quizzes to test your knowledge. You can make 10 min quizzes with 2–3 questions each to make it fun and challenging.

    If you follow these tips and practice regularly, i assure you that you will score good marks in the board exams.

    Like i said before keep asking questions whenever you feel you have a doubt. Don't let your doubts pile up, clear them as soon as possible through our Doubtnut app. You just need to send us a picture of your doubt and we will provide you with the video solution of your doubt instantly.

    Hope this helps.

    All the best !!!

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