What are the signs that you are wasting your life ?

  • What are the signs that you are wasting your life ?

    • Not in present

    You are wasting your time in distractions. It is very important to know your goals and stay focused. You should definitely have your cheat days but not the days where you cheat yourself.

    You got one life, do whatever you wanted to. Because you are unstoppable. Remain calm and peaceful and do your dharma.

    If you are over-thinking and do not stay in the present, you are losing in life. Your age and this time won’t return back.

  • Here are some signs that you are wasting your life:

    • You wake up and spend hours on phone on bed.

    • You prefer entertainment over career.

    • You have more friends than life goals.

    • You always think about relationships, love and sex.

    • You don't like to gain knowledge.

    • You don't read newspapers.

    • You love to blame others for your own failures.

    • You think whole day but do nothing.

    • You sleep a lot.

    • You have time for stalking social media profiles but don't have time for searching good career options.

    • You have money for spending on Netflix, clothes and shoes but don't have money for spending on competition exam form.

    • You always show yourself as a victim.

    • You get busy in unnecessary talks and fights on social media.

    • You don't feel shame while asking money from your parents for your own expenses.

    • You have complete focus on earning social media followers instead of money for your family.

    • You want to live in your comfort zone always.

    • You prefer to be jealous than competitive.

    In the end i only want to say life is too short, so do something productive. Wake up and start doing something fruitful for yourself and your family.

    Good Luck !!

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