What is the best reference book for physics class 11th ?

  • What is the best reference book for physics class 11th ?

  • Each book is unique and serves a purpose. Ask yourself some questions.

    • Do you want to study for boards?

    • Is your goal to clear competitive exams?

    • Do you want for JEE as well as boards?

    I will now answer your question according to the above questions:

    • Boards:

    Some people say make NCERT your bible, I would rather suggest picking up a refresher along with it. SL Arora and some Youtube videos will be sufficient.


    2. Competitive Exams (JEE):

    Along with NCERT, study from DC Pandey, HC Verma, and your coaching material.

    HC Verma has the best collection of numerical. If you are very inquisitive, you can study from Resnick and Halliday. It will give you a good read for understanding the theory.

    Cengage is also a very good option.


    3. Both

    If you want to study for both, you can take SL Arora along with HC Verma and NCERT is a must.

    Now, If you study from HC Verma for boards and NCERT for JEE, it will be a complete mess. So make sure you choose the right books to study from.

    We at Doubtnut are always there for you 🙂

  • If class 12th is the biggest milestone in a student’s life then class 11th has to be the founding stone of that milestone, since, you will be studying the further applications of the concepts you studied in the class 11th, and for that very same reason it becomes extremely important for a student to put the same level of dedication as he would put in for the competitive exams like JEE or board for that matter.

    Many students make this mistake of taking class 11 subjects lightly and they actually don’t put in the amount of hard work which is required, but to ensure your ticket to any IIT or NIT or any prestigious college for that matter, you need to take every subject of every class as, this would be the only topic to will have in your exam. Class 11th mostly teach you regarding concepts and a very little about the actual applications and that is why it becomes a little difficult for students to get the topic without knowing its actual application.

    Now, there are books which are very useful for class 11th physics, but what I want to know is what kind of book are looking to study, because every book has a unique sense to it, some teach you really good about concepts, with nice elaborated methods, some provide you with the solutions of various problems while some are not very helpful in terms of conceptual clearing but have the best practice material. Which is why it becomes important for you to know what are you looking for.

    The best reference books for physics for class 11th

    HC Verma : HC Verma not only gives you the good elaborated conceptual clarity but also provides you with the abundance of practice material, like if you are looking for not only learning things but understanding its concept as well, HC Verma can be the book for a great use.

    DC Pandey: it has to be the one of those must have books for physics if you are looking to prepare for JEE, the kind of problems given in them are very relevant to those which suits the exam pattern along with, it helps you with the understanding and the applications of the concepts, which is extremely important while preparing for JEE.

    SL Arora: it has to be the book beyond concepts, if you have mastered your concept and are looking to raise the bar of the difficulty then, I would say you must start with SL Arora, the best questions there is, which will help you check your progress and efficiency would be found in this book.

    • Pradeep: this can be one of those basic book, very good and useful for boards and VIIT but not enough for JEE, very basic questions are given in this book which certainly help you without any doubt but are just not enough for your advance study .

    These books are obviously very highly recommended books for JEE aspirants but one must not put down the value of NCERT books, these books helps you built the confidence, a rhythm, and foundation that you need.

    So one must religiously follow these books and in case you make acquaintance with some doubts then you can get it solved on Doubtnut WhatsApp platform, just click a picture of your doubt and upload it on 8400400400, and within seconds you will have your answer

  • If you are preparing for the class 11th physics exam, then you should opt for NCERT and HC Verma concepts of physics. These 2 books should be enough to get good marks in class 11th physics. But if you are also preparing for some entrance exam like JEE then you should refer more books.

    Here is a list of books that will help you to study for class 11th physics as well as competitive exams:

    CBSE Board Class 11th 12th –

    • NCERT

    • Pradeep Physics 11th 12th (basic textbook and guide)

    • HC VERMA

    CBSE PET (JEE Main) –

    • Pradeep Physics 11th 12th (basic textbook and guide)

    • Concepts of Physics Vol 1 and 2 – HC Verma (numericals)

    • Dinesh Objective Physics


    • Pradeep Physics 11th 12th (basic textbook and guide)

    • Concepts of Physics Vol 1 and 2 – HC Verma (numericals)

    • Dinesh Objective Physics

    IIT JEE (JEE Advanced) –

    • Pradeep Physics 11th 12th (basic textbook and guide)

    • Concepts of Physics Vol 1 and 2 – HC Verma (must)

    • Fundamentals Of Physics – Resnick and Halliday

    • Problems in Physics – I E Irodov

    There is no need to read all of these books, you have to choose between them if you want to do optimum utilization of your time. Remember quality is better than quantity.
    If you have any doubt, when reading these books feel free to use our Doubtnut app and we will send you a video solution for your doubt within seconds.

    Hope this helps.

    All the best !!!

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