Can I get into DTU with a 27,000 OBC rank?

  • Can I get into DTU with a 27,000 OBC rank?

  • It depends!

    Are you from Delhi region?

    If yes, you will easily get Into DTU with 27000 rank and OBC category.

    Not only this, you can get a branch of your choice. Last year, opening and closing rank for IT branch (OBC category Delhi Region) was 49767 and 57302 respectively.

    So.for you with 27,000 rank ,it won’t be easy.

    If you are from Outside Delhi region , sad, there is almost no chance of you getting into DTU. As per the last year trend, for OBC quota, candidates having JEE MAINS rank between 6730 and 22268 were admitted into the university. This year, the trend might shift a bit ,but not too much.

    I hope you got your answer.

    For any further query,feel free to reach me.

    For detailed analysis of last year’s DTU cutoff, check this video by Doubtnut:

  • If you are in Delhi region you can get it easily. If not you will have search for needle in the stack of hay.

    you can aim for other colleges you can get into some really good colleges with this rank.

    Cheers and Love


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