How is MBA in IITs different than in IIMs?

  • How is MBA in IITs different than in IIMs?

  • Hey Fellas!

    IIMs are known for their prestigious MBA courses. They are the leading colleges in terms of providing management degrees.


    Now, IITs are also providing MBA courses and they are better than IIMs in many aspects. Let’s see why and how:

    One question which came to many students is how a technology institute better than Management institution? The answer is that IITs have seen some developments in the past decades and the courses at IITs their courses are comparatively young as compared to established B-schools like the IIMs. For instance, DMS, IIT Delhi offers subjects like management in telecommunication systems. This is one of those subjects which you will not find in the curriculum of IIms. There are currently 23 IITs, out of which 07 of them offers admission in Management programmed including IIT (ISM) Dhanbad.

    Another part where IITs score points are in the fee structure. Admission through CAT in the IIM all sounds nice but the hefty fee is what shatters a lot of hope. The fee for MBA in IITs ranges from Rs. 2-8 lakh in comparison to the hefty fees of IIMs which can be up to Rs. 20 lakh.

    The next part, which most of the students want to know about is the Placement. As for placements and RoI, many companies that offer the most attractive pay have opened their recruiting efforts for the MBA graduates of India’s elite IITs.

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