What will be my rank with 110 marks in the Advanced 2019?

  • What will be my rank with 110 marks in the Advanced 2019?

  • Hey!

    A score of 110 is not too good if you are a GENERAL category student! Well,I’m also:p

    This year,JEE ADVANCED 2019 was a hard nut to crack. Cutoffs must go down a bit

    .Soon, IIT will release a CRL(COMMON RANK LIST) in which you guys are gonna get ranked according to your marks in JEE ADVANCED 2019 and your category.

    If you belong to GENERAL category, then , scoring 100 marks will make you qualify the extended cutoff list.We are expecting a cutoff of 118–120marks for general category.

    You will get a rank around **15000–16000

    If you are from SC or ST, then,you may get a good college,but may or may not get an IIT. If you luckily got it, you certainly would have to compromise with the branches . You would get less popular branches like Polymer engineering, Metallury and Materials Engineering or Biotechnology.

    Wait for CRL!!

    BY THE WAY,Waiting time sucks!

    I’ve been there.

    Check this video by Doubtnut for detailed analysis of JEE ADVANCED 2019 rank vs marks:



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