What is the strategy for a drop year for the JEE if I want to start from scratch?

  • What is the strategy for a drop year for the JEE if I want to start from scratch?

  • First and foremost, don’t think of this one year as a gap year – as many people refer to it. Don’t let others and you yourself call a dropper or a repeater – coz you are not one.

    A gap year suggests that this one year is a void, a gap, there’s nothing going on. Refer to it as a preparation year or as something that gives you the inspiration to work and work efficiently. Calling it a gap year is not just misleading to others, but also misleading for yourself!

    Let us touch upon the pressing issue that most droppers face – IS COACHING REQUIRED?

    It is important that you have at least one year of coaching in the three years of your preparation. If you have already had this one year of expertise, you can now go for home preparation.

    However, if you had not been a part of any coaching classes in 11th or 12th grades (specific for JEE), this year would be a good time for you!

    If a coaching class and assignments and deadlines is what allows you to stay on track, you must join one despite having done a year of coaching already.

    With virtual coaching classes and online lectures are available so easily, physical coaching classes are not the only nor the best means to study during this year!

    Hence, if you plan on going for IIT JEE coaching in this one year, make sure that you strike a balance between things provided to you by the coaching class as well as self – study.

    Planned Private / Self-study

    Coming to the students that have either already taken coaching classes some time before or opt to not join the classes this year, you will have to have a well – planned study routine. After your final boards or your JEE attempt, make sure that you start studying right away.

    Time is not on your side when it comes to preparation for a competitive exam and you want to get in as much practice as possible!

    When you start preparation, it is important that you analyze where you stand in all topics in all subjects.

    This will allow you to know what topics you are only going to have to revise and brush up and which ones you will have to study in – depth and spend a chunk of time on.

    Studying in groups

    It could prove beneficial if you are part of a group where all are like minded. Since you are dropping a year, you should highly think about hanging out with people who have dropped as well so that you can discuss you preparation strategies better.

    Another problem that needs to be addressed would be what resource materials should one use?

    If you think you will make it without getting resource materials, don’t even consider it! It is important that this one year of preparation is spent clearing your concepts through rigour alone. You must aim to solve questions from books that provide questions that follow the JEE questions’ pattern.

    To know about the books, you must refer to for preparations, check my answer to this question:


    By the way, Doubtnut can be your study partner during your preparations. There are numerous mock tests and question banks on their website for every practice you may need. While you study , if you face a doubt , just click a picture on it and upload it on the app. YOU will instantly get the solution of your doubt by IITians. Try this :


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  • One thing that really bugs me is that people always believe the coaching is the only answer to their preparation for the JEE, and you cant really blame kids for believing that way because that is how we have been telling them, parents spent a fortune for their children, they enrol them into the best possible coaching provide them with the best possible resources they can, and students, well they take advantage, the sad part is because of this coaching culture the importance of self study is being undermine, a student is judged on the basis of in which coaching they are in, it has become more of a brand name now than, when the more emphasis should be given on the quality of study they do there.

    Being a dropper can never be easy as the kind of expectations you have from yourself, and at times it becomes about proving yourself than to prepare right for the exam, which I believe can hurt scores very badly, which is why my first and most crucial advice to any dropper would be to make sure that he approaches his studies right.

    His approach towards study should be of a dropper he is but his attitude for learning things should be like a fresher, he must not avoid any topic or concept thinking he already knows it but he should be ready to dedicate more time so he could perfect concepts he couldn’t the first time.

    One of the principle prerequisites for procuring a seat in prestigious autonomous public institutes of higher education like IITS, NITs is clearing JEE Main. In the meantime, JEE is considered as an apex undergraduate engineering examination and holds a lot of value. It is pivotal for an aspiring engineer to ace JEE Main, hence, it is important to systemize the perfect JEE Mains preparation strategy.

    JEE MAINS 2020 is the next sought after goal for aspirants, striving to make it into the big league educational institutes. Many students begin their JEE Mains preparations a lot in advance, alongside their conventional studies.

    JEE MAINS 2020 preparations

    JEE MAINS preparations require above nominal efforts due to the very high competition and gradually increasing enrollment year after year. It is imperative for a student to comprehensive knowledge, understanding and a knack for Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. In order to contrive an effective JEE Mains preparation Strategy one must have thorough knowledge of the syllabus including the categorization and the dissemination of weightage.

    JEE Mains preparation pointers

    Know your syllabus: Prior to even beginning, ensure you have an in-depth knowledge of what the syllabus constitutes of.

    Categorize subject matter: While studying, categorize the syllabus as per its weightage and further as per your proficiency, divide your study time between topics you don’t know at all and topics you need to perfect with revision.

    Mock test it till you make it: Revision is a very important part of preparations, no matter how proficient you think you are, keep revising, attempt as many mock tests as you possibly can, it doesn’t just help you revise but also helps you with the time management.

    Be in JEE Mains good books: In addition to the NCERT books, refer to additional books, the more you comprehend the more clarity you will acquire.

    Don’t exhaust yourself: Studying requires concentration and an open mind, you must take short break between extensive study hours, let your brain relax to let it retain as much as it can.

    Get used to the exam pattern: Make yourself familiar with the examination patter and marking scheme, don’t let yourself be taken aback while appearing for the exam.

    I hope my answer helped you

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    Good luck

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