I got 9732 rank in JEE Advanced. What IIT's can I get?

  • I got 9732 rank in JEE Advanced. What IIT's can I get?

  • You will definitely get an IIT with this rank. There are many factors related with it. Your category is one of the major factor.

    The other thing is, you would have to compromise in the selection of branch or College with this rank.

    You can get a good IIT with a rank of 9732 if you are eligible for any quota or you are ready to choose lower branches like chemical engineering , biotechnology , textile engineering , aerospace engineering, etc. Because in some demanding IITs, the cutoff ranks for lower branches go pretty high and hence,affordable by candidates who’ve scored high rank. You need to fulfill any of the condition.

    You can get good branches in the IIts other than the 7 top IITs .You need to keep each and every step wisely and carefully.

    After the seven mock rounds, you final fate will be decided.

    Following picture shows the category-wise cutoff ranks of all the top IITs. Take a look:


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