Which is the best maths IITJEE group?

  • Which is the best maths IITJEE group?

  • This is the age of digitalization and technology.

    Gone are the days when the books were the only medium to solve doubts. Now, people use internet to study and get their doubts solved in this era of technology.

    Whatsapp which was actually designed to socialize and connect people together is also being used for study purposes nowadays.

    There are countless whatsapp groups available for study purposes.You want to learn astronomy- there are groups for it where expert astronomers reply to people’s query. You want to stay updated in the field of fashion and makeup- there are whatsapp groups where top makeup artists and fashion designers reply to your queries and keep you updated with the latest trends. You want to learn cooking sushi- there are groups where chefs skilled in Japanese cuisine will guideyou.

    To get your every maths doubt solved, there is a whatsapp number-8400400400.

    This is an initiative by Doubtnut.

    You have to upload a snap of your doubt. Whatsapp bot will instantly establish a connection with you and reply you with the video solution of your doubt.

    Try this.


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