Is there any decent doubt solving study groups?

  • Is there any decent doubt solving study groups?

  • Can't say about study groups but there's definitely a place where you can get your doubts solved in a short period of time like where you can get your doubts solved by JEE experts within a short period of time.

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  • Hey friends!

    Whatsapp is not only a medium of entertainment or chatting with friends, colleagues, relatives and so on. Nowadays, there are features available which have made it possible to use whatsapp for study purposes.

    There are various groups available nowadays. It doesn’t matter whether you are a coding learner, music learner or xyz learner. You will always find a whatsappgroup to ask your queries and get them solved.

    There is a problem with the use of whatsapp group. Usually what happens is, there are various spam messages sent on the groups, people talking rubbish, promoting their startups , discussing the irrelevant topics and ruining the actual purpose for which the group was made.

    So, Doubtnut has taken a new initiative in this direction . It has launched a whatsapp number -8400400400.

    You can directly ask the question on this number. A whatsapp bot will instantly connect to you and answer your query with a video. It has the best explanation possible. Everything is explained in the best possible way from the perspective of a student.

    The main thing that differentiates it from other groups is ‘There is no unnecessary traffic.’


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