What should I choose, IIT Palakkad/Bhilai/Goa or NIT Warangal?

  • What should I choose, IIT Palakkad/Bhilai/Goa or NIT Warangal?

  • I don't know about the IITs you're talking about but I am pretty sure that they are the one's that are newly built.

    On the other hand I've heard a lot about NIT Warangal being the best NIT of all times.

    I can't tell you much where being a part a renowned old institute is considered a really good thing, it is equally good to have a tag of an IITian. Its your decision and I'd suggest you to explore both options by talking to students there.

    Cheers and Love

  • Go for NIT Warangal. NIT Warangal is the top NIT. It is one of the best IITs. It is almost comparable to many IITs.

    The thing is, IIT Palakkad, IIT Bhilai and IIT Goa , all are new IITs. Some people even don’t know of their existence. These IITs does not have proper campus facilities . Most of these IITs depend on parent IITs for course curriculum and every other related issues. In nutshell, these may be brilliant place to study in coming future but, at current, their situation is not much praise-worthy.

    NIT Warangal is the old. The course curriculum is so rigid and one of the best. The faculties are experts in their subjects. Industrial exposure is too much. It has a good network of alumini. Most of the people aspires to be there.

    So, go for NIT WARANGAL.

    To know everything about NIT Warangal, watch this video by Doubtnut:


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